Research Infrastructure

Research Infrastructure

SENG’s research infrastructure has served as an indispensable supporter and facilitator of interdisciplinary research projects that aim at making endless discoveries.

A postgraduate research student conducting his experiments in the laboratory
A postgraduate research student presenting his project
A postgraduate research student working on her project in the laboratory

Not only do we have the “hardware” – which is our comprehensive range of equipment and apparatuses – to conduct groundbreaking experiments, we have the crucial software – which are the diverse expertise, skills and vision of our faculty members, to continuously steer such projects to fruition and create results with social impact.

Joint Labs 

Chinese National Engineering Research Center (CNERC)

Research Centers (Hong Kong) 

Research Centers (Nansha) 

  • Building Energy Research Center (BERC) 
  • Center for Engineering Materials and Reliability (CEMAR) 
  • Center for Polymer Processing and Systems (CPPS) 
  • Digital Life Research Center (DLRC)  
  • Wastewater Technology Laboratory (WTL)