Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision
HKUST Campus


SENG endeavors to achieve different objectives and make our mark in different arenas as a leading engineering education and research institution in the world. 

  • Institutional 
    Harness the knowledge, expertise and creativity of our academics, researchers and students to help solidify HKUST’s position as a first-class research university  

  • Local 
    Nurture engineering and multidisciplinary talents to help transform Hong Kong into a global innovation and technology center and facilitate the city’s transition to a knowledge-based economy  

  • National 
    Be a key engine to help catapult the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to the status of an international hub for technological innovation, as well as further bolstering Mainland China’s development  

  • International 
    Help establish engineering as a “universal language” that can transcend geographical and cultural boundaries to benefit all mankind  


SENG is home to a community of educators and researchers that firmly believes in the power of engineering to make our world a better place. To make this happen, we adhere to a set of guiding principles to tap into our foresight, courage, open-mindedness, determination and innovation capabilities along the way.

  • Adopting a “glocal” mindset 
    Cement the School’s status as a world-class institute for engineering research and education, by continuing to achieve breakthroughs on a global scale but also innovating with local needs in mind 

  • Amplifying the impact of engineering  
    Keep abreast of the latest trends, dare to challenge the status quo and remain undeterred in its pursuit of truths, by tackling both the known and the unknown with an open mind 

  • Maintaining a forward-looking pedagogy 
    Constantly reinvent engineering education to groom talents who can both adapt to and bring changes to our world     

  • Fostering engineering solutions and advancement
    Continue to be a focal point of intellectual exchanges as well as a launch pad for the boldest of ideas and innovations 

  • Debunking myths surrounding the discipline of engineering
    Strive to update public perception of the nature, reach and contribution of engineering