Departments & Centers

Departments & Centers

Encompassing six highly specialized engineering disciplines to drive our education and research efforts, as well as steering six dedicated units to provide our students with an all-round engineering experience, SENG is where aspiring students and devoted faculty converge to constantly reach new heights together in the ever-evolving realm of engineering.


SENG comprises six departments, which are our academic and research pillars spanning crucial engineering disciplines that have pivotal impact on different aspects of our lives and surroundings. They include environmental protection, energy conservation, technological advancement, our health as well as decision-making and analytical skills to navigate the knowledge economy, and even space exploration. It is our mission to contribute by nurturing a wide spectrum of talents in these influential fields.

Centers and Units

SENG believes in exposing our students to different experiences to truly enable them to explore, understand and harness the discipline of engineering.

Whether it is to increase understanding of the engineering mindset, create innovative learning experiences for our engineering students, foster strong partnerships between SENG and industry players to pave the way for different opportunities for our students, or nurture future engineers who are socially aware and capable of making tangible contribution, the following centers and units under SENG are poised to groom enterprising engineering talents on different fronts.