Research Postgraduate Study

Research Postgraduate Study
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Research Postgraduate Study
Why HKUST Engineering
An optimal place to learn from and work with the most dynamic force in research
Skyrocketing Success
HKUST might have young shoulders, but on it we put a wise head. In such a short yet fruitful time span, remarkable accomplishments including advances in academic reputation have brought the up-and-coming School of Engineering to the fore among other promising universities and even top-notch powerhouses around the globe.
Global Vision
Our multicultural campus that promotes diversity is ideal for exchange of excellent ideas and inter-cultural communication. In this cradle of engineering talents representing more than 40 nationalities, you are prepared to thrive not just in the academic community but also the increasingly diverse global society.
Hub of Asia
Welcoming the rise of Asia, the world’s fastest growing economy, HKUST has ventured into the Greater Bay Area and beyond. As the new Guangzhou campus is complemented by other Mainland platforms in Nansha, Shenzhen and Foshan, the geographical advantage of being in the hub of Asia has been elevated to further harness research opportunities in engineering and technological development.
Abundant Support
Strong infrastructural support is key to research excellence. From State Key Labs, National Research Centers and central research facilities to research institutes and industry joint labs, you can utilize state-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive support to take your research efforts to the next level.
Online Information Session
HKUST Information Session on MPhil & PhD Studies - School of Engineering Breakout Session
4 OCT 2023 WED
7:30 - 8:30 PM (UTC+8)
HKUST Information Session on MPhil & PhD Studies (4 Oct 2023)
Information Webinar on HKUST Engineering Research Studies - Robotics and Sustainability
26 SEP 2023 TUE
6:45 - 8:15 PM (UTC+8)
Information Webinar on HKUST Engineering Research Studies - Robotics and Sustainability (26 Sep 2023)
Info Webinar on HKUST Engineering Postgraduate Studies - Healthcare and Artificial Intelligence
19 SEP 2023 TUE
6:30 - 8:00 PM (UTC+8)
Info Webinar on HKUST Engineering Postgraduate Studies - Healthcare and Artificial Intelligence (19 Sep 2023)
HKUST & HKUST(GZ) Virtual Fair on MPhil and PhD Studies (including School of Engineering Live Session and Consultation)
16 FEB 2023 THU
2:15 - 5:00PM (UTC+8)
Times Higher Education World University Rankings by Subject 2024: Engineering
#1 in Hong Kong for 13 consecutive years
A taste of learning and research at HKUST
SENG Summer Camp for Elite Students
SENG Summer Camp for Elite Students
It is open for senior undergraduate students and master's students who demonstrate outstanding qualities of academic performance, research potential, and communication skills. This exciting Summer Camp is a combination of Leadership training session, research talks, Lab tour, industry visit, interactive activities as well as off campus sight-seeing. It gives participants the opportunity to explore their research interest and have diversity exposure.
Inbound Visiting Internship Program
Inbound Visiting Internship Program
Visiting Internship Program is open for students who are currently studying outside Hong Kong and wish to do research study at HKUST for a short period of time (one to six months). Besides gaining valuable research experience in a new environment, visiting interns may also enjoy a rewarding cultural exchange experience in Hong Kong.
Student Resources
Our channels to support your pursuit of research excellence every step along the way
In this “Century of Engineering”, engineers have tremendous opportunities to make a difference in the world, as the global challenges we face all demand engineering solutions. We solve problems by blending innovative ideas and novel applications which will improve the way and the society we live. If you aspire to be a game-changer, join us now.
Appreciation Notes
“It was my great honor to spend my PhD study at HKUST, where I have seen the most professional research environments, supportive research teams, and splendid campus scenery."
YU Xianghao
(Mainland China)
“It has been an amazing experience and a great opportunity for me to broaden my horizons and grow both professionally and as a person."
"The CentraleSupélec / HKUST dual-degree program illustrates the complementarity between both institutions and is more than beneficial to my academic training and future professional life as an engineer."