Financial Arrangements

LLB in Engineering and Law Program

Financial Arrangements 

There is a special fee structure for the LLB in Engineering and Law Program.

Year 1 - Year 3

(at HKUST) 

Normative HKUST tuition fee paid to HKUST 

Contract Law Course

(delivered in online mode) 

No additional tuition fee 

Year 4 - Year 5

(at University of Exeter) 

Tuition fee paid to University of Exeter

(£14,800 per year for the Academic Year 2022-23, with standard incremental increases per Academic Year thereafter)

In addition to tuition fee, students are responsible for all other fees that may be incurred from the Program, including but not limited to airfare between Hong Kong and Exeter, accommodation in Exeter, insurance plan for study at the University of Exeter, health care expenses, visa application fees, etc. Living cost for students at Exeter is estimated to be £12,000-13,000 per year.