Contract Law Course

LLB in Engineering and Law Program

Contract Law Course

To qualify for enrolment into the LLB in Engineering and Law Program, HKUST students must enroll and pass the Contract Law Course, among other general admission requirements. The Contract Law Course is delivered by the University of Exeter School of Law faculty members every Fall term through online mode, usually in late evening. To give students a taste of law education as well as to meet the admission requirements of the University of Exeter, students who plan to study the LLB in Engineering and Law Program must complete the Contract Law Course before admission to the law program. Students are recommended to take the Contract Law Course in Year 2 Fall, and must do so no later than Year 3 Fall.

Contract Law is an extremely intensive course.  In addition to lectures and workshops, students are also required to spend time on preparation for class / workshop, post-lecture readings, self-study of on-line materials, etc. Synchronous virtual activities are required despite the online delivery mode. The course requires around 200 hours of students' work in total, out of which 30 hours are scheduled classes that students are expected to attend.  Therefore, students interested in taking the Course should be prepared to devote plenty of time during the course period. They should also take into consideration the workload of courses that they will enroll in HKUST during the same period of time. Enrollment in the Contract Law Course is subject to the confirmation of the University of Exeter and student's Major Department/Program Office. Wherever appropriate, the student's Major Department/Program Office may adjust the student's credit load in HKUST for that term.  For a detailed description of the Contract Law course, please visit the description at the University of Exeter website.

To enroll into the Contract Law Course, no specific English test result is required. However, students should understand that success with law studies rests heavily on a good command of the English language.  Students should evaluate their language proficiency before enrolling into the Course. 

Students who are admitted to this Course will be arranged to register for the University of Exeter Engineering and Pre-law Program during the course period. Enrolment procedures of the University of Exeter would need to be completed by students, which includes the release of students’ personal data to the University of Exeter. 

Upon completion of the Contract Law Course, the registration status with the University of Exeter will be terminated.  Those who wish to proceed to the LLB in Engineering and Law program will be advised to submit a new application.  The University of Exeter will issue a transcript to each enrolled student. HKUST will not issue any transcript for the course since it is not an HKUST course. The course can be transferred to HKUST as equivalent to ENGG2201. The credits can count towards the 120-credit requirement of HKUST undergraduate programs, but cannot be used to fulfill any requirement of engineering major programs.  

Students who wish to explore the possibility of using this course to fulfill requirements of non-engineering programs or minor programs, etc. should consult the respective Departments / Offices that offer the programs. 

As the course is mapped to ENGG2201 at HKUST, which is NOT a common core course, the Contract Law course cannot be used to fulfill the common core requirement of HKUST. 

The mark that students obtain from the course will not be transferred. Therefore, a student’s performance in the course will not have any impact on his / her CGA at HKUST. 

To register for the Contract Law Course, please submit your request  here

To get a taste of the course, attend the taster session to be delivered by the University of Exeter Law School faculty member at:

                    Date:     7 June 2023 (Wed)

                    Time:     9:00pm (HK time)

Zoom link will be provided in due course.  Please watch out for our announcement in May!