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LLB in Engineering and Law Program


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If I am interested in participating in the LLB in Engineering and Law Program, who should I talk to for planning my study in the first 3 years at HKUST? 

Participation in the program requires careful planning. A recommended study pathway is available for each program to assist you with the planning. The Study Pathway for each participating program will be posted for students' reference in due course.

I am in Chemical Engineering. Can I apply for this program? 

The program is primarily for students whose major programs have a corresponding program at the University of Exeter. However, students from other engineering programs may also be considered if they are deemed to be capable of completing the LLB in Engineering and Law Program within the 5-year timeframe. You should consult your major Department regarding the feasibility of participating in the Program.  

I am also interested in the dual degree program (T&M). Are the two programs mutually exclusive? 

Students in dual degree programs in BEng & BBA can also apply, but please take note of the engineering disciplines available at the University of Exeter. Not all engineering disciplines of HKUST have corresponding programs at the University of Exeter. Moreover, as the dual degree program is already an intensive program involving 2 sets of curricula, please be sure to discuss your plan with your advisors in the dual degree programs office.  

Will I enroll as an exchange student at the University of Exeter? 

No, you are not an exchange student since tuition fee need to be paid to the University of Exeter. During Year 4 and Year 5, you will register as a student in the University of Exeter LLB in Engineering and Law degree program.

Can I withdraw from the Law Program after completing Year 4? 

It is a special accelerated pathway designed for students who plan to complete 2 degrees in 5 years. Students are expected to stay in the Program throughout the 5 years. However, if there are unforeseen circumstances under which you need to quit the Program after Year 4, you may apply for withdrawal, and may be able to graduate with the HKUST degree alone provided that all HKUST degree requirements are fulfilled.  

What is the class schedule of the Contract Law Course? 

The course is normally conducted online in the Fall term. There are numerous asynchronous activities (including reading of course materials), plus certain scheduled real-time synchronous activities in the evening every week (amounting to 30 hours for the entire course). If you decide to enroll in the course, you are expected to participate in all the real-time synchronous activities. You should take the class activities of the HKUST courses into consideration before committing yourself to the Contract Law course.

How can I enrol in the contract law course? There is no such course on SIS or in our course catalogue.

As the Contract Law course is a course of the University of Exeter, it does not appear in the HKUST Course Catalogue. The enrolment procedure is also different and will not be done via SIS.  Registration will be done on the University of Exeter enrolment system, which usually opens in July.  Students should not register for the course until being advised by the HKUST School of Engineering.

Can I still apply for the LLB in Engineering and Law Program even though I haven’t yet completed the Contract Law Course?

The Contract Law Course is a foundation course to law studies. It is important in helping the University of Exeter to determine your suitability for law studies, and more importantly in helping you to determine your level of interest in law studies. Therefore, you must complete the Contract Law Course by the end of Year 3 Fall term the latest if you plan to apply for admission to this LLB Program.  If you don't do so by Year 3, you will not be able to meet the eligibility requirement for this LLB program.

Besides IELTS, can I use other English qualification to fulfil the English Language admission requirements? 

Yes, the University of Exeter accepts other English tests for admission, including HKDSE English Language, TOEFL, etc. Please refer to the University of Exeter’s admission website.  Profile B applies to the LLB in Engineering and Law Program.

I have taken IELTS when I was admitted to HKUST. Can I use that score to fulfil the admission requirement of the LLB in Engineering and Law Program? 

English test scores all have a validity period. In the case of IELTS, test scores are valid only for 2 years. Therefore, the IELTS test that you took must be taken no more than 2 years prior to your application for this LLB Program.  However, other English tests, such as HKDSE English Language, may have a longer validity period.  For details of the validity period of different English language tests, please refer to full details on the University of Exeter’s admission website.  


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