Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors provide advice to first-year engineering students based on a ‘clan’ system. Members of each clan consist of a mix of local, mainland and international first-year engineering undergraduates.

Every clan is supported by SENG faculty, staff advisors, and upper-year student mentors (Peer Mentors). In addition to providing support and advice through peer mentoring sessions, the Peer Mentoring Program offers holistic student development workshops such that these mentors experience not only an opportunity to serve, but also a training for leadership development. 

SENG’s Clans 

The Peer Mentors leading the clans are friendly individuals who are passionate about helping incoming engineering undergraduates adapt to the SENG community. Each clan will plan its own activities and gatherings, so select a clan based on your interests! Watch out for invitations to cross-clan events. These are great opportunity to meet new friends from other clans. 

The nine clans that belong to SENG are: Inno, Eden, Galaxy, Arcady, Eureka, NovaXeno, Maestro and Endorphin