Clan 5 - EUREKA

Peer Mentors

Clan 5 - EUREKA 

We are Eureka of the Entrepreneurship theme! You might not yet thinking of starting your own business, but surely you would have come across some out-of-the-box thrilling ideas. We are here to inspire and support mentees’ interests in innovations, start-ups, businesses, etc. Our mentors like to think beyond engineering and technology, we make it happen! 

We expose those of you who are interested to resources and opportunities outside of SENG, such as Negotiation and Python Business Analytics, business-related engineering programmes like DDP, business minor and entrepreneurship minor. We would also be organizing workshops and games that help mentees to gain prospective insights to start-ups and gradually develop entrepreneurial traits. A platform will be set up to match passionate mentees who would like to join hackathons and case competitions. Support will be coordinated with entrepreneurship center. 

We hope to lead the enthusiastic YOU to success in the future! 

Theme: Entrepreneurship