Clan 7 - XENO

Peer Mentors

Clan 7 - XENO 

Xeno - a prefix for words relating to people or things originating from another region. We are all xenophiles who value differences and embrace a mix of cultures and nationalities in new environments. So, what exactly is the purpose of Xeno? We are a group of passionate mentors who aims to facilitate bonding between all of you originating from different backgrounds, different parts of the world and even those who are purely just interested in foreign culture! We encourage learning of and respecting other cultures distinct from each of our own, along with sharing of individual experiences and values.  

Our two main goals are to create a global minded perspective and enhance worldwide relationship. In this way, we aim to achieve an international environment by encouraging each individual to express themselves without any contention. As mentors, we focus on issues to make university lives more solace, worthy, and unforgettable for each and every mentee. 

In the upcoming academic year, we will be hosting several activities such as cultural food night and games night. During these activities, you will get to try out traditional foods and games from different cultures and so learn more about them. In short, join us, it will be fun and a great chance to meet more friends! 

Theme: Internationalization