Peer Mentors


Hi, we are Clan 9 Endorphin! This year, sports is selected as our theme because we believe it can effectively help boost our Endorphin and bond us all together. Our objectives are to provide assistance for freshmen to ready themselves and live a joyful but also enriching life in their first year at HKUST. 

As how we transfer the importance of sportsmanship to mentoring, we want to team up with you onto these 3 challenges: 

  1. Dare to explore, 

  1. Step out from comfort zones,  

  1. Think out of the box. 

We also understand that the path might sometimes be bumpy for you to adapt in the first year, so never hesitate to turn to us for help! We are a group of caring mentors that will always be there for you! 

Last but not least, our clan has a Triple 'E' vision. That is, to Explore, Enrich and Enjoy university life together with us, the Endorphins!!! 

Theme: Sporty