Clan 2 - EDEN

Peer Mentors

Clan 2 - EDEN 

We are EDEN! Explore the nature, Determine the personal value, Experience success and failure, Navigate future direction! We concern sustainability and love green.  

Seldom do we realized the power of nature which contributes to the success of human being, especially when we are living with a hustle and bustle lifestyle. It is of paramount importance for us to understand the beauty of nature and learn how to conserve it for our next generation, as well as keeping it a good habitat for other creatures on earth. To achieve this, we will propose events related to sustainability, such as hiking, riding bicycles and tree planting. Understanding our personal value can help us to make decisions, meet friends with common interests and goals. Sometimes it is difficult to know our true-selves and desires, therefore, we - your mentors will help you to understand yourself deeper and profound. 

Our first advice to mentees is that – you will experience a lot of ups and downs, but no matter how the result is, keep calm and keep going! Learning from mistakes is crucial to reach our aspiration. Always be yourself!  

Let us also guide you to navigate through choices to future directions. This goes beyond major selection but how to enjoy a fruitful u-life and perhaps even how to start planning ahead a sustainable career!  

Theme: Sustainability