Undergraduate Admission

Admission to engineering by high school leavers is school-based. Students interested in any of these engineering disciplines should apply for admission to the School of Engineering. Alternatively, another School-based option Engineering with an Extended Major in Artificial Intelligence is available to students who have a keen interest in artificial intelligence. Students enrolled in this program are able to undertake studies in AI-related subjects on top of their engineering major in a structured way.

Engineering [JUPAS code: JS5200]

Students admitted to the School of Engineering in Year 1 will spend the first year of study in the School during which they complete fundamental courses that cover Calculus, Computing, Physics, Chemistry, English Language, etc. Towards the end of the first year, they declare their preference for a major discipline in engineering. Besides an engineering discipline, students also have the choice to select an interdisciplinary program that is jointly offered by the Engineering School and other School(s). Students who reach a certain level of attainments in advanced exams, e.g. IBDP, GCE Advanced Level, College Board Advanced Placement, etc. will be granted credit transfer according to the established mechanism at HKUST.

Engineering with an Extended Major in Artificial Intelligence (ENGG+AI) [JUPAS code: JS5282] 

While ENGG+AI has all the features of Engineering, students in ENGG+AI will study additional courses in the AI area such as fundamentals of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data visualization, image processing, etc. The curriculum is cross-disciplinary and practical. On top of solid knowledge in an engineering discipline, students will learn innovative application of AI in their major fields. In addition, students will gain cross-disciplinary problem-solving skills and professional insights through a Design Thinking course and Professional Seminars in AI. The required Capstone Project, with strong AI components and sponsorship from industry, enables students to practice AI applications on real world problems.  Students take approximately one additional course per term. Upon satisfactory competition, students will earn a "BEng / BSc in one of the engineering disciplines with an Extended Major in Artificial Intelligence".

Students will enjoy career opportunities relevant to their respective engineering major PLUS opportunities from new industry and business developed from AI. The knowledge of AI, together with cross-disciplinary problem-solving skills, will provide students with additional competitive edge in the job market. These students are more self-motivated and open-minded in new learnings and these attributes are essential and appreciated by most employers.