HKUST – tramplus Partnership: Launch of First-of-its-Kind “3D Engineering Challenge” STEM Program to Inspire Students to Become Future “Metaverse” Engineers

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Empowering Problem Solving with Design Thinking

HKUST – tramplus Partnership: Launch of First-of-its-Kind “3D Engineering Challenge” STEM Program to Inspire Students to Become Future “Metaverse” Engineers

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3D modelling demonstration with trams
3D modelling demonstration with trams [Download Photo]

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (“HKUST”) and Tram Plus Limited (“tramplus”) are pleased to announce today that they have signed a cooperation agreement for the launch of a special STEM education program for local primary and secondary school students.

The course is modelled on a foundation course of HKUST School of Engineering for its first-year students, providing lectures about multi-3D modelling design which will tailor for students of different study levels, and at the same time empowering students’ problem-solving abilities with design thinking. Hence, students will be able to have a taste of fundamental engineering training offered by a top university and take a good start to explore the career life of a professional engineer.

“In addition to our collaborative project with MIT HK Innovation Node which kicked off just six months ago, we are delighted to attain another opportunity to cooperate with a top local university (HKUST). Entering an era of science and technological innovation, we firmly believe that STEM knowledge will become a global pass connecting us with the world. While working with an elite team of HKUST, we look forward to equipping our primary and secondary school students with versatile technological knowledge, and nurturing our talented I&T younger generation. In the end, the program will be able to benefit all students who envision to pursue their studies in engineering or build a career path in the “Metaverse” innovation industry,” said Nixon CHEUNG, General Manager of tramplus.

The rapid advancement of the concept “Metaverse” has prompted the transformation of the digital world from a two-dimensional to a three-dimensional perspective, plus the parallel development of the physical world, driving “Metaverse” to become a trend in our daily lives. tramplus and HKUST work on an insightful partnership with a goal to cultivate students’ talents in I&T development through the “3D Engineering Challenge” and take the lead as “Metaverse” builders. In fact, 3D modelling is more than a basic component of the “Metaverse”. It’s also a basic skill in the development of Web 3.0 across the globe. 3D modelling has been widely used in various applications, such as 3D printing, virtual or augmented reality, visual effects, etc. Hence, this is a precious opportunity for students to expose themselves to acquire new knowledge of new I&T applications, so as to enlighten them to pave their career path in a wide spectrum of professional fields including architecture, construction engineering, biomedical engineering, film creativity, and even the e-sports industry.

“We are excited to launch our partnership with tramplus. Together, we will share insights about STEM education with students all over Hong Kong. 3D modelling has become a key skill applied to an array of industries. As the era of “Metaverse” is approaching, 3D modelling application will only become ever more important. Design firms and movie studios used to spend millions of US dollars just on creating a simple 3D model, but now our students are able to do the same in just a few hours,” said Prof. Ben CHAN Yui-Bun, Director of Center for Engineering Education Innovation (E2I), HKUST.

This course is jointly designed by HKUST and tramplus, targeting to enable students to attain hands-on experience of the School of Engineering’s interactive experimental learning approach adopted by E2I. The course is suitable for all students, including those without any 3D modelling experience. It comprises two 20-hour sessions, one tailored for senior primary school to junior secondary school students, and the other for senior secondary students (or equivalent). The two different levels of difficulty are commensurate with the learning ability of the target students.

Different from traditional classroom learning, the program places heavy emphasis on fun and interaction by adopting a Flipped Classroom approach. During classes, students of the School of Engineering will play the role as technical advisors to assist participants to construct, select and assess a workable solution with a goal to enhance their problem-solving skills and creativity by interactive games and happy learning. Physical classes of the course will be composed of the following elements:

  1. A walk-through on the foundation concepts and applications of different engineering disciplines
  2. Application of the acquired knowledge and skills to design projects
  3. Clues on team collaboration in project design and implementation
  4. Clues on seeking innovative engineering solutions via a mixed approach of experiential and self-initiated learning
  5. Verbal and written presentation skills for their works

The tramplus X HKUST “3D Engineering Challenge” STEM Program is now open for school registration.


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Founded in 2021, tramplus is a sister company of HK Tramways and owned by the RATP Dev Group.

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tramplus focuses on STEM-related curricula including basic science, mechanical and electrical engineering, coding and urban development. By approaching these topics from a daily life perspective, tramplus hopes to inspire students to adopt a radical mindset and equip them with a STEM foundation. Hence, equip them with the knowledge and skills to develop a smarter and a more sustainable future for the city.
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