Study at Washington University in St. Louis

HKUST-WashU Joint Education Program

Study at Washington University in St. Louis

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What do students do at the Washington University during Year 4?

During Year 4, students admitted to WashU will be registered as an exchange student. They will be engaged in a full-time course of study that enables them to complete all remaining requirements for their HKUST bachelor's degree, including a Final Year Thesis (FYT)/Final Year Project (FYP).  Students can enroll in relevant thesis/project course(s) offered by WashU, and carry out the thesis/project under the supervision of a McKelvey Engineering faculty member.

Alternatively, the FYT/FYP can be carried out by students via remote supervision of HKUST engineering faculty.  Co-supervision by a McKelvey Engineering faculty member is possible.  Students will then enroll in the corresponding course offered by HKUST during Year 4 summer term.   In the case that students do not enroll in FYT/FYP at WashU, they have to take extra courses at WashU in order to meet WashU's minimum credit load requirement.  

A Certificate in Engineering Science Studies will be issued to students by WashU upon satisfactory completion of their Year 4 studies there.

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