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HKUST-WashU Joint Education Program


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If I am not sure whether I am more interested in going for a Master or PhD when I apply for this program, what should I do? 

No worry, you don't have to make up your mind now.  You will apply for the WashU postgraduate programs only after you commence your Year 4 studies at WashU.

What is my status at WashU? 

During Year 4, students will register an exchange student and tuition is payable to HKUST only.  From Year 5 onward, students will be enrolled in WashU Master/PhD programs and pay tuition to WashU directly.

Can I take Common Core courses at WashU?

It is possible, but please do understand that choices may be limited, and mapping for credit transfer is subject to approval by the corresponding departments and the UG Core Education Team at HKUST.   It is also important to note that all course enrolment is subject to enrolment conditions and restrictions at WashU, and not guaranteed.

Are courses and credits completed at WashU guaranteed for credit transfer to HKUST?

All credits obtained from WashU will be transferred to HKUST in accordance with HKUST credit transfer policy. To ensure these credits can help students to complete their degree requirements, students are strongly recommended to discuss their study plan at WashU with their major department/program.

If I cannot complete my HKUST major requirements at WashU, can my study be deferred? 

Students participating in the Program are expected to be strongly committed and should try to complete all requirements as expected.   WashU reserves the right to require a student to withdraw if the student’s work or behavior does not meet the requirements of WashU.  Should there be circumstances beyond the student’s control that lead to the student’s failure to complete the requirements, each case will be evaluated on a case basis.


If your questions cannot be answered by our FAQ, please contact us at the following:

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Email: sengwashu@ust.hk
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