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Master of Science Programs 

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What is the admission schedule for Fall / Spring intake?

Admission offers will be made on a rolling basis from November onwards. Due to keen competition, applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible. 

When will the program start and how long will it last?

The Fall intake will begin in early September while the Spring intake will begin in early February. The program will last approximately 1 year for full-time students and 2 years for part-time students, depending on student's own pace of study. 

What are the program fees and when will they need to be paid?

Students who study the full-time program would need to settle the program fee in 2 installments whereas 4 installments for part-time program. New Students admitted with credit transfer are also required to pay the nominal program fee. Students who take any additional courses or need to retake any courses are required to pay additional program fee. 

Except the above mentioned, for MSc(IT) program, if the graduation requirements are not met within 3 years (excluding study leave), additional fees will be charged on a pro rata basis for additional course credits taken beyond this time limit. For MSc(CIEM) and MSc(EVEM) programs, students who take courses beyond the nominal study period limit (i.e. beyond the four terms (for full-time mode) or six terms (for part-time mode) to fulfill the graduation requirement are required to pay additional program fee. 

When are the classes scheduled?

For MSc courses, classes are normally held on weekday evenings from Monday to Friday; on Saturday mornings or afternoons. Each course typically meets once a week for approximately three hours. 

Where will the course modules be held?

The course modules will be held on the HKUST campus. 

What are the admission criteria for MSc program?

Applicants seeking admission to a master's degree program should have obtained a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution, or an approved equivalent qualification. Individual program may have specific requirements on the major of a bachelor degree. Please refer to the program curriculum for details. 

Who can I ask to act as a referee for my application?

The referee should be a respected person who knows you well (or has known you well) and is able to comment on your character and suitability for this program. For example, a senior colleague, manager or supervisor from your work, an instructor or Professor from your school or a respected professional acquaintance who you know or a leader in your community.  

How can I submit reference letters for my application?

After the application has been submitted, referees will be invited by email to complete a reference report online. Referees may attach additional reference letters to the online report.  

What are the English requirements for MSc program?

All in-class lectures and materials are in English. Applicants from Universities where English is not the medium of instruction would have to fulfill English Language requirements.

Applicants don't need to present English proof if they obtained the bachelor's degree (or equivalent) from an institution where the medium of instruction was English. 

Is there any financial assistance to students admitted to the program?

Various scholarships are available.  

The following forms of financial assistance are available from the HKSAR Government to eligible students who are Hong Kong citizens:  

  1. Continuing Education Fund (CEF) for eligible Hong Kong citizens - Reimbursements of up to HK$20,000 upon completion of our entire program with an overall attendance rate over 70% (excluding project course, if any). Please visit the CEF website for further details and updates of eligibility, application, and reimbursement procedures (in particular the reimbursement period from the date of application).  

  1. Extended Non-means-tested Loan Scheme (ENLS) is available for eligible Hong Kong citizens - ENLS provides financial assistance in the form of loan to eligible Hong Kong citizens. Interest is charged far below the average best lending rate of the note-issuing banks.

What is the chance of pursuing a PhD degree upon completion of the MSc program?

MSc program is particularly suitable for students who prefer taught course delivery. For students considering further studies for a PhD degree, it also offers an opportunity of exposure to emerging technologies through independent study or project course under supervision of world-class faculty members. However, this group of students are also advised to consider research-oriented Master of Philosophy (MPhil) programs. Historically, around 4% of full-time MSc graduates will continue with MPhil or PhD study. 

Can I stay in Hong Kong to look for job after graduation if I am not from Hong Kong?

Yes, referring to the Immigration Arrangement for Non-local Graduates (IANG), non-local fresh graduates from full-time program may apply to stay and work in HKSAR. They may be granted 12 months' stay on time limitation without other conditions of stay provided that normal immigration requirements are met.

Can I apply for University arranged off-campus accommodation?

All full-time students are eligible to apply for University arranged off-campus accommodation. Successful applicants offered admission into the program will receive application information on off-campus accommodation from the Program Office or Student Housing & Residential Life (SHRL) in May. In most cases, non-local students holding student visa are given priority for off-campus accommodation; however, successful application rate is subject to total number of application, number of available places, and the current University regulations. Since only limited housing is available, students are encouraged to look for off-campus accommodation directly.

Can I apply for English course to improve my English proficiency?

Full-time students are eligible to apply for taking an optional course of LANG 5030 English Communication for Postgraduate Engineering Studies in the Fall term. LANG 5030 addresses the specific communication needs of MSc students in Engineering, such as the skills to play an active part in academic seminars. It also allows students to enhance their abilities in speaking, listening to and writing English through intensive practice. Graded P or F. Seats will be subject to availability. Students need to pay course fee before taking the course. 

Can students from places outside Hong Kong apply for part-time program?

Yes, students from places outside Hong Kong may apply for full-time or part-time program. Full-time and part-time students will have the same quality of program and will undergo the same set and level of assessment. Part-time program is particularly suitable for working professionals who have to handle full-time job during the program of study. Students from places outside Hong Kong are required to apply for student visa (full-time or part-time whichever appropriate). Visa details please refer to Immigration Department of the HKSAR Government. Please note the Immigration Department of the HKSAR Government usually requires students holding part-time student visa to leave Hong Kong after every lecture.

Do I need to apply for student visa?

Non-local students who do not have valid visa to study in Hong Kong are required to apply for student visa. Valid visa may be work visa or dependent visa which allows the visa holder to study in Hong Kong.  

Non-local students who graduate in Hong Kong may use IANG visa for study. However, it may be more preferred to use student visa in some cases. For non-local students who would like to apply for certain recognition in mainland China, sometimes, a student visa is required. For non-local students who would like to stay in Hong Kong without condition after completing the MSc degree, perhaps applying for IANG visa after completing the MSc degree is more appropriate (instead of applying for IANG visa immediately after completing the first degree).  

Please refer to Immigration Department of the HKSAR Government for further details. Successful applicants who are offered admission will also be offered details on required document to apply for student visa in due course. 

Where should I submit the official documents and / or student visa application after accepted the admission offer?

After accepted the admission offer, students may send the official documents and / or student visa application to Office of Postgraduate Studies (PGSO) directly.

How can I check my admission status?

The latest application status will be available online. Please log in to the Online Admission System to keep track of your application status. 

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