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Exchange opportunities broaden students’ academic and cultural exposure. Master of Science students could spend a term at our partner universities, namely Technical University of Denmark (DTU), INSA Toulouse and ENAC in France, University of Porto in Portugal, etc.

Exchange Exchange


LI Long Ching

(Exchange student at Technical University of Denmark in Spring 2023)

"I recommend MSc students to join the exchange study in Denmark, which is a beautiful country and pretty safe. The exchange study at DTU comprises of learning and applying knowledge which boost our learning efficiency.  European friends are so friendly and helpful."


Exchange Exchange



(MSc FinTech exchange student at ESSEC Business School and CentraleSupélec in Spring 2023)

"Participating in an exchange study program allows me to immerse myself in different cultures, experiencing new traditions, customs, and way of life.  It provides an opportunity to broaden my perspectives, gain a deeper understanding of different cultures and global diversity, and enhance the academic skills and knowledge. I’ve met a lot of friends who are going to start their career in Europe. These connections can create a global network that may be beneficial for future collaborations, career opportunities, and personal growth.” 


XU Yao

(Exchange student at Technical University of Denmark in Spring 2020)  

“The exchange study at the Technical University of Denmark is a valuable experience which allows me to explore the differences in education, humanities and cultures between Asia and Europe. Not only did I visit incredible natural phenomena in high-latitude countries, but I also built connections with people I met there.”


MICHALIK Aleksandra

(Exchange student at Technical University of Denmark in Summer 2018)  

“The exchange study at DTU was a unique experience which allowed me to immerse myself in the local culture and learn new concepts and technologies, which will help me in my future career as an engineer.”


LOW Wing Fai 

(Exchange student at INSA Toulouse in France in Summer 2018)  

“I learnt a lot of the latest technology and built up some networks with the students in EU area. We could share some information later.”


LAI Shun Yin 

(Exchange student at Technical University of Denmark in Summer 2017)  

“The program enables me to work with different people and gives me golden opportunities to visit the world class geological park and metro construction site in Denmark. These kinds of experiences are unforgettable and valuable. I believe that this exchange program can strengthen my engineering knowledge which will greatly help my professional development in the future. It enables you to meet many people from all over the world, get to know their beliefs and opinions and learn to deal with differences.”  


LI Dongpo 

(Exchange student at Technical University of Denmark in Summer 2017)

“It was a fantastic university for studying in terms of the quiet atmosphere, beautiful campus and convenient facilities and considerate services.”  


LAU Tsz Kit 

(Exchange student at CentraleSupelec in France in Spring 2017)

“I expected that the exchange study would be challenging but fruitful. It turns out that my expectations are matched and I found it very rewarding. I now have some collaboration with the professors in France and I am going to submit a journal article with them. This will definitely increase my chance of getting into top graduate schools of the world in the future.”

Exchange student at CentraleSupelec in France