MSc in Information Technology- Student Sharing
MA Xiao

MA Xiao (Mainland China, Class of 2021)

It has been a precious and joyful journey for me to study at MSc IT Program. 

The Program enriched my knowledge in computer science and information technology.  I learned to identify real-world IT problems from different dimensions and perspectives and develop solutions to address those problems effectively. 

I also found my passion to explore unknown fields in computer science and information technology.  The courses profoundly broadened our visions in such fields, which would be of great help to our career development and scientific research studies in the future. 

It is worth mentioning that it is a wonderful life experience studying and living here with first-class facilities and a beautiful environment.

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Avirag Narendra SRIVASTAVA (India, Class of 2018)

Taking MSc IT program has been an awesome experience for me. I really liked the courses offered by the program which gave me a perfect mixture of theoretical and practical knowledge that I sought by pursuing a Master's degree. The lecturers are extremely knowledgeable, encouraging, and very approachable which made the learning experience more enjoyable. The program has provided me with the tools to effectively translate strategic goals and enables me to achieve my career goals (both short-term and long-term).

Really had a pleasant time at HKUST studying this program for the year, made some good friends from different countries, and learned a lot from them.

Joergen Fosseng DULEY (Norway, Class of 2017)

The MSc IT has been the most fulfilling year of my education so far. The diversity among the students, as well as outstanding professors, provided an unparalleled learning atmosphere. There is a broad selection of courses that have been relevant for my future career.

HKUST has one of the best study environments I’ve encountered and is extremely accessible and Hong Kong is an amazing location. Whenever I wanted a break, I was able to put on my hiking boots and explore any of the breathtaking trails all over the city.  I couldn’t recommend Hong Kong and the MSc IT program at HKUST enough, it has truly been an unforgettable experience.

Subleen KAUR (India, Class of 2017)

To advance the existing knowledge level, pursuing a Master's degree was imminent, and being accepted to one of the many competitive programs at HKUST definitely conferred a measure of prestige. Appreciable of one's time and investment, courses are well-wrought to equip students with the most updated skills. An esteemed teaching faculty encourages you to follow your passions, providing you with all their expertise and resources. Overall, HKUST has a conducive atmosphere that continually reminds you to never cease to learn.

ZHANG Haowei (Mainland China, Class of 2016)

The year of taking the MSc(IT) Program gave me more than I have expected and it is definitely an extremely enjoyable and invaluable experience for those who intend to go further in the research area or chase a better career in the IT industry. World-class professors organized a wide range of advanced courses which were presented in a clear and fascinating way. Meanwhile, multiple opportunities are provided for us to put what we have learned into practice and to handle real problems. Furthermore, the passion from the professors encouraged me to learn more, especially some cutting-edge topics. It has not only stimulated my interests in learning some particular dimensions in-depth, but also broadened my view in various aspects of IT. All in all, I highly appreciate that professors shared their insights and inspired me to keep an enthusiastic attitude and put all my efforts to learn what I'm really interested in.

CAO Hengrui (Mainland China, Class of 2016)

I’ve loved my year of MSc IT study at HKUST. It offered me a wide selection of courses that are a great asset in my career. My classmates are from diverse cultures and academic backgrounds, all sharing the same interest in technology. Collaborating to accomplish course projects are unforgettable experiences. I wish the program could have been longer.