Student Sharing

MSc/PGD in Civil Infrastructural Engineering and Management - Student Sharing

Diego Mauricio CORREDOR MORA (Columbia)

MSc CIEM program is a very attractive program and it changes the way I used to think about engineering. It gives me an opportunity to go deeper into different areas of civil engineering and it indeed covers almost every area in civil engineering. Professors, researchers and my classmates are all amazing and make me think differently than I did before. The environment here also attracts me to consider developing my career here.

The idea of studying with Chinese classmates and learning from them fascinated me even more. If you are Latin American students who are interested in further studies, I strongly recommend HKUST. There is no need to worry about food or cooking because the meals at HKUST are not costly and there are many options. In terms of security, I think Hong Kong is one of the safest places around the world.

LIM Wei Song (Malaysia)

MSc CIEM Program at HKUST allows students to make connections by integrating theory and practicum together for a better understanding of applications of Engineering in the real world. This is a great program considering there are many ongoing projects in Hong Kong which allows students to be able to go onsite and see the theories they learned in class being put into use during construction.

LI Zonglin Loren (Mainland China)

This program is suitable for those students who want to have a sound development in the fields of civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, and structural engineering. The courses provided by the program give students a good understanding of theoretical concepts and practical techniques which are applicable to work. I believe that students graduated from this program all have gained good knowledge in civil engineering and are confident for the future.