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MSc in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering - Student Sharing

Sharing by CHEN Xingyu, JIN Yi and WANG Yuhao (Mainland China, Class of 2019)

*This interview was conducted in Putonghua.


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JIN Yi (Mainland China, Class of 2019)

I value my experience in HKUST very much. I think courses are well-designed. I had many chances to participate in course projects: collaborate with my peers, write essays, give presentations, etc. It helped me build confidence and learn more. I also took independent project and my project supervisor spent quite a lot of time discussing and guiding me. I treasure these memories in HKUST . Now I am working as a market planner in ExxonMobil (chemical). I plan to learn as much as I can in this big platform and become an expert in chemical market.

Sachitanand MADALA (India, Class of 2019)

I strongly believe that my experience at HKUST has definitely been fruitful and a memorable one. The university offers a great researching infrastructure and an incredible opportunity to be mentored and taught by outstanding faculty. The guidance and direction that I received have helped me chart new heights in my academic career.

I was fortunate enough to receive AFLSP scholarship from the Bai Xian Asia Institute for my MSc studies which really eased my financial burden. Various seminars organised by them throughout the year were very intellectual and insightful. As a part of AFLSP program, I had a chance to visit Japan in the summer for two weeks. In my opinion, this was a perfect platform to build social connections and interact with students from different backgrounds/cultures. Overall, it was a great learning experience and surely enhanced my interpersonal skills. 

I’m glad that I will continue to be a part of HKUST family as a PhD student and thus make a valuable contribution to the research community. 

Henryk Carl SCHMIELAU (Germany, Class of 2018)

The MSc (CBME) program at HKUST was a memorable experience for me and it changed my view of Hong Kong for the better. Coming together with likeminded individuals to learn about subjects like nanotechnology or advanced catalyst taught by professors that dedicated their lives to the research in these topics widened my horizon and ignited my interests. Standing on the edge of mankind's knowledge and knowing that there is so much more to research, develop, and understand is an extraordinary feeling. The variety of different courses as well as the enthusiastic professors teaching them allowed for a welcoming and eager atmosphere. The program allowed me to focus on areas of chemical engineering I find most interesting and always showed me the importance and connection of industrial-scale applications and “the real world”. Students have the option to focus solely on taught courses or take part in research projects lead by internationally experienced professors. Additionally, the campus is placed in a beautiful location right by the water overlooking the bay and allows for many activities and clubs to flourish, providing a nice counterbalance to studying and research when needed.

Ivan Filemon TULUS (Indonesia, Class of 2018)

After completing one year taught postgraduate program at HKUST, I realized that the program has embedded me with a significant amount of knowledge which is useful for my future career path. The program was specifically designed to deepen both the technical and social skills of chemical engineering graduates through a series of coursework and projects, followed by group discussions and presentations. All the lectures were fruitful and taught by experienced professors who were always passionate and resourceful. Apart from classes, HKUST also provided a handful of extracurricular activities, including both academic and non-academic segments, which enabled us to socialize and interact with other fellow students within the university. Overall, taking a postgraduate course here was fun and challenging at the same time, and I would recommend anyone who has a desire to pursue further study to consider HKUST.

XUE Ruiwen (Mainland China, Class of 2016)

I feel so fortunate for having been to HKUST and studied MSc (CBME) program. What I thank most here is that this experience not only teaches me academic knowledge, but also enables me to find out which degree of potential I can achieve. Trust me, this is such a magical place where you can realize your dream if you want to. Actually, this period is stressful to me, but meaningful, because this is the most goal-oriented time I have ever had in my first 24 years and I can say I tried my best! I suppose at the postgraduate stage, knowledge transfer is not the main aspect to measure a university, but providing pressure and opportunity to let you discover your potential and interests matter most! The content of this program is very comprehensive and practical; the instructors are nice and professional, and; this is absolutely a good platform for achieving your next-stage goal! Therefore, sincerely, appreciation must be delivered to the MSc (CBME) program! And if you believe in yourself and are ambitious, then come here! You will appreciate it!