Faculty List

MSc in Aeronautical Engineering

This program is a gateway for students to learn from our professors with diverse knowledge and research experience in the field gained from some of the top engineering institutions from around the world. 


David LAM (PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara)

Larry LI (PhD, Cambridge) 

Zhigang LI (PhD, Delaware) 

Rhea LIEM (PhD, Toronto) 

Stephane REDONNET (PhD, Bordeaux University)

Fan SHI (PhD, Imperial College London) 

Jinglei YANG (PhD, Technical University of Kaiserslautern) 

Wenjing YE (PhD, Cornell University) 

Hongyu YU (PhD, University of Southern California) 

Xin ZHANG (PhD, Cambridge) 

Industrial Advisory Committee 

Ir. Jun AU Cheong-Shi (Chief of Independent Monitoring, Quality Manager, Design Organization Keystone Services (HK) Ltd.)

Ir. CHEUNG Wan Chuen (Aviation Consultant, Linken Capital Aviation Services Ltd) / (Chief Training Instructor, Department of Aeronautical and Aviation Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Gary CHOW (Production Manager Module Change Support Services (Engine Overhaul), Hong Kong Aero Engine Services Limited (HAESL))

Louis LAI (Executive General Manager, Airframe Services, Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited (HAECO))

Ir. Henry LEUNG (Senior Airworthiness Officer (Certification),  HKSAR Civil Aviation Department) 

Prof. Willem TOET (Professor, The University of Bolton and an Aerodynamicist) 

Ir. Steve YIP (Former Head of Performance and Efficiency, Cathay Pacific)

Ir. Johnny L. C.  YEE (Former Head of Design Organization, Government Flying Service)