Student Sharing

MSc in Aeronautical Engineering - Student Sharing

APPUHAMY Dinithika (Sri Lanka)

LI Man Yui Christy (Hong Kong)

The HKUST experience with Master of Science (MSc) in Aeronautical Engineering (AE) program is unique. The program helps me to explore different options and opportunities in the aviation industry. With the curriculum developed by the University, students have flexibility to decide whether they prefer to dig deep into the core engineering aspect or to learn more about the experience/ knowledge from different sectors of the aviation industry. Professors have very strong academic background, who definitely help students to learn about the technical knowledge or even doing research. The industrial professionals are experts from different sectors. Their on-job-experience is invaluable. We can learn a lot even by having a short chat with them. The program helps me to have a better understanding of what the aviation industry includes, the opportunities available and equip myself to develop my career.

TSANG Wai Cheong (Hong Kong)

Studying in HKUST is an unforgettable experience because of its wonderful studying environment - not only the gorgeous and spectacular campus but also a diverse and inclusive culture.  Moreover, Hong Kong provides students many opportunities in pursuing their future careers in the aviation industry, because of its global leading and busiest international airport. MSc (AE) program invites different aviation experts from HKIA to share their experiences and insights in different elective courses. This program has well equipped me with both theoretical method and practical knowledge, has enhanced my competitiveness in this rapidly changing industry and helped me to achieve my best in my career beyond. Complementing with my undergraduate studies, I’ve developed a more rational mindset and I am now more confident to solve various aeronautical-related problems from a more comprehensive perspective.

LEUNG Ming Jin Stephen (Hong Kong)

The curriculum of MSc Aeronautical Engineering (AE) program at HKUST is comprehensive, which covers advanced courses in aeronautics and practical real-world aviation industry knowledge. Optional research opportunity is available, in which we can apply what we have learnt under the supervision of seasoned researchers. A diverse student body provides a great opportunity for cultural exchange and professional networking.

It has been a fruitful and enjoyable study experience at HKUST. I am sure the knowledge, skills, and network gained from MSc(AE) program will be beneficial to my career development in the aviation industry.

LEE, Lok (Hong Kong)

After being involved in civil aviation operations for over ten years, I wanted to expand my technical knowledge in aeronautical matters. HKUST MSc in Aeronautical Engineering (AE) program provided exactly that, and what an eye-opening experience it was.

With courses taught by research professors and industry lecturers, the program adopted a balanced approach between theoretical knowledge and practical application, with a concentration on the civil air transport segment. It was a pertinent focus, given Hong Kong’s status as a global aviation hub for both passenger and cargo operations.

While the majority of my classmates were full-time students, there were also a number of part-time students, and we often intermix to study and work on projects together. As a result, we are able to foster relationships that extended beyond the classrooms into the real world.

This is not an easy program, and a lot of commitment and dedication is required from a part-time student while working full-time. Having said that, I am really glad that I took the plunge and followed it through. What I have learned and gained in these two years from the program no doubt have exceeded my expectations.

Many thanks to HKUST and ENAC for putting this program together, to the professors and lecturers for their efforts in teaching and mentoring, and to my fellow classmates for their support and friendship.

Jose Carlos LEAL COELHO PIMENTA (Portugal)

Master of Science (MSc) in Aeronautical Engineering (AE) at HKUST has been a truly amazing experience, from an academic, professional and individual standpoint. 

During my time at HKUST, I had the opportunity to develop my engineering skills and further broaden my knowledge on topics that I am truly passionate about. Courses were delivered by incredible lecturers whose knowledge and feedback allowed us to gain an in-depth understanding of the topic and appreciate what are the future trends of the industry. Furthermore, students had access to many laboratory equipment including a low-speed wind tunnel, allowing us to enhance our practical skills as well.  

Students were offered classes taught by  industrial professionals within Hong Kong’s top aviation companies, including Cathay Pacific, HAECO and HAESL, which gave us an idea of what companies were looking for in potential graduates and provided us with the essential skills to enhance our employability. 

Hong Kong is also the perfect location for someone to start their career in aviation, given its status as a huge aviation hub connector, creating thousands of job opportunities within the field ranging from Aircraft MRO (Maintenance Repair and Overhaul), Air Traffic Systems and Aircraft Operations. 

On an individual level, HKUST creates an ideal multi-cultural and international ambience, where students engage with people from all over the world, perfect for someone who wants to broaden their horizon, exchange new ideas and forge new friendships and further their professional network. As an international student, I always felt welcome and very well integrated within the student body. 

I would like to conclude that HKUST MSc(AE) was the right choice since it gave me the tools and the connections to secure employment at a highly prestigious company within Hong Kong’s aviation industry. 

WONG Tsz Ching (Hong Kong)

Studying Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering at HKUST has given me the best opportunity, resources and experience to learn deeply into the field of aviation, which greatly enhances my expertise. HKUST has provided a lot of support during my study, such as advice and teaching given by professional and highly experienced professors, excellent laboratory equipment and facilities that are rare and expensive. I believe no other place can provide such kinds of rich resources. Moreover, the lectures given by the ENAC faculty from France explained the real and practical situations of aviation in the world. Thus, I have learnt not only the advanced technical skills, but also the concepts and methods in a critical way and more in depth. Besides, I am very grateful that I was awarded with the Hong Kong Aviation Scholarship. Although my study in HKUST has come to an end, the experiences broadened my views and I believe I will be successful in the field of aviation.

YU Wai Kit (Hong Kong)

I am enthusiastic in working in the aviation field after my graduation from Aeronautical Engineering. This year I am also very honored to be awarded with the Hong Kong Aviation Scholarship offered by HKSAR Transport and Housing Bureau to support my study in this program. After studying in the Aeronautical Engineering, I was equipped with a wide range of knowledge and skills as an Aeronautical Engineer. Different from other engineering aspects, Aeronautical Engineering is an ever-changing subject. Studying in the MSc of Aeronautical Engineering in HKUST provides me with a great platform to be updated with the latest technologies and information from the industry as we are all given chances to communicate and attend lectures offered by the ENAC from France. After all, I’ve dreamed to be an aviator in the future and my career starts from here in HKUST.

Neeraj SHARMA (India)

The MSc Aeronautical Engineering Program at HKUST, which is in partnership with ENAC, Toulouse, has proved to be a very dynamic learning experience. Being an alumni of the first batch of the AE program, I have to state that the vividness and mixture of courses offered from HKUST and ENAC has helped me fathom complex aerodynamic characteristics to global aviation business in the most meticulous and simplistic ways possible. Further, the professors from both universities have excellent understanding and associated experiences, which has catalyzed and made the learning process highly intriguing. I must say, a few professors have brought me to the stage of absolute awe of the taught courses, thus kindling my spirit to becoming a full-fledged researcher in the field of propulsion. Speaking of the professors, the methodology with which they disseminate knowledge and share their motivation has inculcated the right set of skills and perspectives on how to view the aviation science critically and more inquisitive. Finally taking up the MSc independent project has been able to give me a feel of what research feels like and has led me to publish my own research paper. To conclude I would say, HKUST has not only given me the best possible knowledge, but more importantly has successfully been able to inculcate the right attitude towards taking up engineering as a career.