HKUST Ranks No.14 in Global Employability University Ranking

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HKUST Ranks No.14 in Global Employability University Ranking

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According to the newly released Global Employability University Ranking 2015, HKUST was ranked No.14, its highest ever position in this ranking exercise. HKUST moved up two places from No.16 in 2014 and has garnered the No.1 spot in Greater China for three years in a row.

The annual survey was designed and commissioned by French human resources consulting agency Emerging and carried out by the German market research firm Trendence. It collects views from more than 4,500 recruiters from major companies in 21 countries, including Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Singapore, UK, US, and others in Europe, asking them about the ideal attributes of graduates and universities, and to select which institutions they think produce the best performing graduates. It differs from other rankings by focusing on the practical skills of “ready-to-work” graduates developed by universities rather than on academic achievements in terms of research and development.

According to the survey, employers see the three most important criteria to select which universities to recruit from as their past experience with the graduates, the university’s international exposure, and its expertise in the field of competence they are interested in. Employers’ top three criteria for selecting graduates are their specific skills, professional experience and area of degree specialization.

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