SIGHT and SENG Hold Workshop for High School Students

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SIGHT and SENG Hold Workshop for High School Students

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High school students enjoyed the workshop co-organized by SIGHT and SENG
High school students enjoyed the workshop co-organized by SIGHT and SENG [Download Photo]

On 25 April, Student Innovation for Global Health Technology (SIGHT) and the School of Engineering (SENG) co-organized a workshop for local high school students to share the spirit of community service on global health with sustainable technology, and invited them to be the first users of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system developed by SIGHT student team.

The workshop started with a discussion on global health issues. The students came up with the definition of global health, and identified the global health problems that the world is currently facing: problems including the deficiency of sanitation, starvation and diseases were raised. Then the team further zoomed in the problems that One-2-One, the NGO partner of SIGHT which provides mobile clinical services to people in Cambodia, faces in their operation every day through a mobile clinic simulating game. After gaining general knowledge of global health and understanding of the real-life situation in Cambodia, the students were introduced to the EHR system, a system that is specifically developed for One-2-One to facilitate their daily operations in mobile clinics. The meaningful workshop not only demonstrated how life could be improved by technology, but it also raised the awareness of students on issues relating to global health, as well as the importance of taking part in community services.

It has been an amazingly unique experience for the organizing team, too. "The most challenging part was probably teaching the students to use the software." said Sandra, a software implementation team member, "We have been working with it for four months so all the functions are obvious to us. For this, we had to gain perspective and try to imagine we are seeing it for the first time. It was challenging but a great training before we do the same in Cambodia." Another member, Lance, a coding team member, commented "The EHR system will replace the traditional paper-recording system, and it brings much convenience to One-2-One and patients in Cambodia. It gives me a great sense of achievement".

The SIGHT team will be bringing the EHR system to Cambodia in June 2015. Like the team’s slogan “Simple Technology, Big Difference”, HKUST students are ready to make a difference for the betterment of human being, outside Hong Kong.