Learning by Creating: New HKUST Sustainability App

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Learning by Creating: New HKUST Sustainability App

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We live in a time of smartphones and apps. So why not make one to promote HKUST Sustainability? While this could have been outsourced to a professional IT design company, a group of HKUST computer engineering and computer science undergraduate students decided to take on the challenge to create this app as their final year project while making a positive impact to HKUST. A big thanks to the student creators Wai Yu Chan, Kin Yee Wong, Wing Chau Pang and Kit Wai Chung and to Prof Jogesh K Muppala.

When the group first agreed to take on this project, it seemed quite intimidating. Sensing the look of fear in their faces, Prof Muppala tried to reassure them. “Don’t worry,” he said. “I know this seems impossible, but believe me, by the end of the year you will have created a complete and workable app – all by yourselves!”

The students did get some guidance and suggestions from the professor, as well as feedback from the Sustainability Unit, but the creation of the app was 100% theirs. And what a beauty it is! One of the student creators, Kit Wai Chung shared that, “In this project, I have learnt how to cooperate with the Sustainability Unit to develop the green application and work in a team to provide solutions and acquire new knowledge. I believe this app will facilitate other students to receive the green news and event information. The voting function can also save paper and simplify the process.

The Green HKUST app makes the content, such as news, events, videos and sustainability tips from green.ust.hk available right in the palm of your hands and also allows students and staff to submit feedback on any sustainability issues on campus (you can even attach a photo with your submission). An exciting feature is the Green Campus Map, a Google map that shows the various sustainable facilities available on campus. More green information will be added in the future to promote a sustainable lifestyle. Students are also able to vote and see statistics in real time using the app when attending talks and events held by the Sustainability Unit. Another student designer, Pang Wing Chau found that his problem-solving and collaborative skills were enhanced through the project. He believes the feedback function will collect useful timely information for the department and students will learn more about the green campus work from the Green Map. He hopes the application will raise the sustainability awareness among our students.

What are you waiting for? Download the app from Google Play and Apple store here now, or search “Green HKUST.”