ISDN_Course Syllabus_Spring 22-23

ISDN Course Syllabus (Spring 2022-23)

Course Code Course Title Instructor(s) Course Syllabus
ISDN1006 Human-centered Innovation LAU, Brian Pdf
ISDN1010 Academic and Professional Development I - Pdf
ISDN2000 & CORE2261 What is Design and Why Design? XIANG, Changying Pdf
ISDN2002 Second Year Design Project II LEUNG, Suk Wai Winnie Pdf
ISDN2010 Academic and Professional Development II - Pdf
ISDN2200 Systems Thinking and Design CHAN, Chi Ming
LEUNG, Jac Ka Lok
ISDN2400 Physical Prototyping SCHARFF, Rob Pdf
ISDN2601 Exploring the World through Smart Mechatronics LEUNG, Suk Wai Winnie
SONG, Shenghui
ISDN2603 Materials, Shape and Design LI, Mitch Pdf
ISDN3002  Third Year Design Project II JONEJA, Ajay Pdf
ISDN3010 Academic and Professional Development III - Pdf
ISDN3300 Interaction Design BRAUD, Tristan Camille Pdf
ISDN3360 (Summer 22-23) From Product Innovations to Successful Technology Startups LEUNG, Suk Wai Winnie Pdf
ISDN4000L Advanced Sketching LAU, Brian Pdf
ISDN4000P Introduction to Brand Design LAU, Brian Pdf
ISDN4000Q Design the Metaverse with Immersive Technologies BRAUD, Tristan Camille Pdf
ISDN4002 Final Year Design Project II TSUI, Chi Ying
LEUNG, Jac Ka Lok
ISDN4010 Academic and Professional Development III - Pdf
ISDN4200 Product Management YEE, Terrence Fu Pdf