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MSc in Mechanical Engineering - Student Sharing
Jan Magnus ROTH (Class of 2020)

Jan Magnus ROTH (Germany)

I chose Hong Kong to pursue my master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, for the reason that it is an ideal place to explore and enjoy traditional Chinese culture and habits of the western world at the same time – this city is a purely fast paced, highly dynamic melting pot. Looking back, I really enjoyed my master’s study in HKUST! Here, I not only gained solid academic knowledge, but also boosted both my mental and physical level, as well as explored diversified career opportunities from engineering to finance industry. HKUST is a truly international university where students from all over the world come together. Choosing HKUST not only gave me the opportunity to develop my knowledge and skills from one of Asia’s leading technology universities, but also the chance to make international friends along the way. For me, practicing sports is an essential part of my life. HKUST’s sports facilities are well and equipped and free to use for the universities’ members in order to provide a balance between challenging academic studies and physical health and fitness. Additionally the setting of the university in a wonderful natural surrounding near the campus always inspired me and helped me to relax between lectures. HKUST has a unique and enjoyable dynamic spirit – from high caliber faculty to strikingly competitive and motivated students. In the end, the greatly recognised and valuable degree from HKUST helped me to to explore exciting career opportunities as a quantitative developer in the finance industry in Hong Kong.

Josef GSTOETTNER (Austria)

Before I came to Hong Kong, my major concern was language. However, I quickly realized that almost everyone on the streets speaks English. I even became more confident by talking a foreign language as well.

The location of HKUST is a perfect match for people who like hiking and swimming. In fact, the campus is surrounded by mountains and some small beaches are also very close to the campus. There are tons of student societies for you to make new friends. I also benefited a lot from the diversity of students and I appreciate the occasion for us to make friends from different countries. I also highly enjoyed the sport facilities in campus which are all free for us. In the MSc MECH program, there are lots of project areas offered by the professors for MSc Independent Project which we are recommended to participate in.

ZHOU Ziqi (Mainland China)

I graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology, and now am enjoying my time in HKUST. The way that the instructors teach here is different from that in Mainland. They will be more focused on developing our problem-solving skill and give us many chances to show our abilities. In addition, I have to thank the MSc program for giving me the chance to join the Asia Pacific Rail 2014 Exhibition. I designed a poster about my project, and had to introduce the project details to the exhibition's visitors. This experience was so valuable for me because it makes me more confident to talk in public and gives me a deeper understanding of Mechanical Engineering.

CHEN Zihao (Mainland China)

It is my honor to join the Engineering School at HKUST as a MSc(MECH). When I first came to HKUST, the amazing courses in Mechanical Engineering Program already made me think that I was going to have a wonderful academic experience here. I was luckily honored with the Ford-HKUST Conservation and Environmental Research Grant and awarded with sufficient funds to support my independent project. It is quite a nice chance for students to make their own plan and budgets which cultivates their talents. When there is any problem, professors are really helpful and responsible. The great ideas from the supervisor always show a new world in front of me. The school gives students the chance to attend the Asia Pacific Rail Exhibition 2014 held in Hong Kong and my project was chosen to exhibit there. During the two-day exhibition, I met top people from different rail companies. I learned quite a lot from their comments and many new ideas and thoughts formed in my mind. The past year for me is really awesome and I will never forget the time I spent in HKUST.