Student Sharing

MSc in Intelligent Building Technology and Management - Student Sharing

Rishita Boddu (India)


LI Po Yan (Hong Kong)

The Master program is full of industrial samples and application which prepares me for the future career. There are also courses for me to learn about project planning for Smart city initiatives which is the imminent issue in nowadays world. Along with all the in-depth discussion in different building service disciplines, the program equips me with basic knowledge for analysing the system with Codes of Practice. Different IoT technologies and communication protocols are particularly useful for future designs.

CHEN Yan (Mainland China)

Studying in HKUST was an unforgettable experience. It is a beautiful campus and my favorite spot is the HKUST library with a stunning sea view in the early morning.

What I have learnt most from IBTM program is culture adaptation ability and teamwork skills. Most of the coursework was required to be finished on team basis. In the “Risk Management & Decision-making in Intelligent Building” course, I was teamed up with classmates from USA, Africa, HK and Mainland China. Each team was regarded as a ‘company’ and we were bidding the ‘project’ by presenting coursework each time. The competition was very intense, but these valuable memories keep our friendship with each team and also the professor till now.

WANG Xiao Sean (Mainland China)

The most important thing is that IBTM program not only provides professional engineering courses, but also expands our scope in management and finance. It helps me secure an internship in an international building services consulting company before graduation. For students interested in doing research, especially about sustainable technology, Ford-HKUST grants provide good support and a good platform to work on cutting edge studies. I got a chance to show my project in the Asia Pacific Rail Exhibition in 2014, which trained me on how to promote my idea in one minute.

LOI Kachun (Hong Kong)

Thanks to MSc(IBTM) which has greatly enhanced my professional and research skills, after graduation, I have been working as an IDC Structure Designer in Alibaba Cloud.

Before studying MSc(IBTM), I worked as a Commission Consultant in Hong Kong, which provided me with good opportunities to accumulate practical engineering experience.  I would like to pursue my career in “Intelligent Building with AI technology” and thus I applied MSc(IBTM) program.  MSc(IBTM) enabled me to acquire knowledge in relevant disciplines (e.g. Building IOT, Advanced Energy Conversion Systems, and Fuel Cells for Buildings).  Besides taught courses, I could also conduct an Independent Project under the supervision of a faculty member.  My project was about using AI technology to forecast building energy consumption.  With the guidance of my project supervisor, I learned more about python and the application of AI on intelligent buildings.  Most importantly, my project experience had greatly added value on my resume and job-seeking process.

I cherish the opportunity to study MSc(IBTM).  I believe that the knowledge and skills developed will continuously benefit my career development.


CHIU Wai (Hong Kong)                           

Studying in IBTM at HKUST was a meaningful experience. After graduate from MAE of HKUST, I have chosen IBTM for my part time study. During the postgraduate period, I can study more about the advanced knowledge of the building service that can let me prepare to get the professional qualification of Building Service Discipline in HKIE.

Not only learn more about comprehensive frontier technology updates and management strategies but also let me expand my network in the engineering industry. It can benefit us to develop our career paths in the future.

At the same time, I work in China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited for cultural construction and epidemic prevention projects related to society. I can also apply the principle of intelligence building in my project. It let me know engineering is not only the job but also the mission which contributes to society with innovative technology.

YIP Chun Yi, Chloe (Hong Kong)

I was an undergraduate mechanical engineering student at HKUST, followed by part-time study for an MSc in Intelligent Building Technology and Management, while working as an assistant engineer in CLP Power Hong Kong Limited.

IBTM is a program highly related to engineering application in the industry in a broad aspect, from building services to the utility industry. I was glad to have professors' support and willingness to share their insight on future development in the industry, which enlightened us to think critically and multidimensionally. The academic ambience was the most enjoyable and enriching one I had. Moreover, I am also honoured to participate in "HKUST Changemaker 30", to celebrate the 30th birthday of HKUST and take actions, e.g. community services and workshops, to become an all-rounded changemaker and a future leader. Moving forward, I will continue to pursue professional chartership and enriching myself for a brighter future on my career path.