Student Sharing

MSc/PGD in Environmental Engineering and Management - Student Sharing

KWOK Tin-Yee (Hong Kong)

As an engineering graduate working in the environmental field, studying MSc (EVEM) program is a chance for me to equip relevant engineering knowledge and management skills to prepare myself as a future environmental engineer. Professors/ lecturers are specialists in various environmental aspects. I acquired environmental knowledge, field practice and regulatory compliance from the courses and applied these knowledge into the real industry which is important. Besides the technical knowledge, I also acquired good time management skills and made some friends as study buddies and complements to each other in the environmental field.

LAM Wing-Yan (Hong Kong)

The EVEM Program provides me great learning experience. Through carrying out diverse projects, I have enhanced my knowledge in various environmental topics. The independent project was the most invaluable as professors taught me to think critically and independently by preparing the project plan. This experience has enhanced my project management skills which is instrumental to my work.

YANG Ruochen (Mainland China)

It is a great exercise and challenge for me to join the EVEM program. I have never received such a systematic training on independent and critical thinking. By doing the project I have promoted my ability to read literature efficiently and get the useful information precisely. This training will be a huge treasure for me in my future career. I want to give my special thanks to my supervisor, Professor Irene Lo, who was earnest, sincere and very responsible during the whole process. Her guidance is always inspiring for me, without her I would not be able to accomplish the project. I sincerely respect and appreciate Prof. Lo for her help!

TAM Pui-Sze (Hong Kong)

The EVEM program provides me a wide variety of courses in different fields. Some courses are relevant to my current work which enhanced my technical knowledge for further development and equipped me to be an environmental professional. The independent project in this program not only helps me to strengthen my knowledge in specific environmental topics but also trains my research skills, analytical thinking and self-discipline. Although it is not easy, but I’ve really learnt a lot from it and I am very glad to have joined this program.

YIM Wing-To (Hong Kong)

The EVEM program provides comprehensive knowledge on environmental aspects. All the EVEM professors are so friendly and welcoming. I felt comfortable asking questions about class or assignments. I am happy that I am involved in this program at HKUST and will never forget this in my life and how it has prepared me for life after graduation.

TSANG Heung-Wing (Hong Kong)

The EVEM program is tough but useful. The course is systematically organized and covered almost all major topics, such as wastewater treatment, solid waste management, and environmental compliance in the field of environmental protection. This program not only widens my horizons but also equips me with the knowledge to tackle the environmental problems.

Jason WONG (Hong Kong)

The program covers diverse topics, providing technical and practical knowledge that can be directly applied in my career. Professors are experts in environmental engineering, they all aim at training students as professional engineers with critical thinking and problem-solving skills. I did my Independent project on a topic that I was really interested in and gained valuable experience in researching. Furthermore, the program regularly organizes site visits and firm visits, these activities give students better insights in choosing a suitable career path in environmental engineering.

Abhishek ANAND (India)

The MSc program in EVEM provided by HKUST is a skillful blend of intensive coursework and research exposure. The lectures incorporate real-life case studies and motivation towards the enhancement of your research and analytical skills using extraordinary research facilities provided by the school. Although MSc EVEM is a taught program, it also includes a mandatory independent project as a platform to help students explore their propensity for research. The guidance from world-class faculty, intense peer competition, and exposure to an international environment make this program the best fit for students aspiring for either a top-notch job in the field of environmental engineering or aiming to investigate their compatibility towards pursuing a research career.

LEE Yunn Erl Mavis (Malaysia)

The program was a great exposure for me, not only in terms of knowledge-gaining, but also in exploring and understanding the local environmental engineering and management field practices from different perspectives through a variety of subjects or course choices. The university professors and the industry guest speakers are all knowledgeable and encourage critical thinking. This program is able to assist in preparing for a career in Hong Kong or China.