Student Sharing

MSc in Electronic Engineering- Student Sharing
BERL Markus

BERL Markus (Austria, 2023)

As a MSc(ELEG) Student at HKUST, you are guaranteed to get an unforgettable experience. The program offers a wide range of courses, and as a student, you have the flexibility to choose the ones that interest you the most.  You can also choose to do an independent study. This means that you can come up with a project proposal and work independently on it, under the guidance of a professor. This was a great opportunity for me to explore my interests and learn at my own pace.

The professors at HKUST were not only knowledgeable but also approachable. They shared a lot of knowledge, not only technical but also personal, and were always willing to share their expertise for my career planning. Some of them acted as mentors for the students, which was a great help in guiding us towards the right career path.

The university will also support students in various ways to help them with their career. From Cantonese courses to career talks, and job fairs, the university has it all. There is no doubt that the knowledge that I have learned during the program will be beneficial for my future career.

GAO Ziling

GAO Ziling (Mainland China, 2023)

When I was considering pursuing a master's degree in Electronic Engineering, I knew that the program at HKUST was the right choice for me. The program's curriculum is flexible, allowing me to explore a broad range of topics in the field. The professors coming from diverse backgrounds have extensive research experience, and they are kind to answer any questions for students.

During my studies, I was able to take advanced courses such as " Stochastic Learning, Estimation, and Control" and " Signal Analysis and Pattern Recognition", together with courses from other programs like " IP network". These courses provided me with a deeper understanding of cutting-edge techniques.

Additionally, the alumni community at HKUST provided me with invaluable resources for career development and networking, contributing to both my professional and personal growth. The wealth of knowledge, skills, and opportunities I gained during my time in the program will serve me well in my future career endeavors, and I am truly grateful for the experience.


LI Yi (Mainland China, 2022)

The MSc (ELEG) program has a highly liberal curriculum and world-class professors.

As ELEG students, we can take courses of our choice and have the opportunity for independent study.

From hardware to software, mathematics to computer science, communications to integrated circuits, our professors provide a glance into the advanced world of technology.

I am fortunate to have joined this program, which has enhanced my academic and research skills in just one year, getting excellent preparation for a career as an engineer. It was the best time of my student life.

BAI Yunxiao (Mainland China, 2022)

The year I spent in HKUST is really impressive, not only I learned a lot of knowledge in electronic engineering and did some wonderful research in Independent Study, but also I made many new friends who can help each other in both study and life. The MSc(ELEG) program really covers many areas, whatever you want, you can definitely find a direction that fits you. The professors here are very knowledgeable, and they were happy to answer any of your questions, you can even ask for some advice of future career or philosophy viewpoints. And the classmates here are smart and friendly, you will definitely learn much from them and get helped. In my opinion, MSc(ELEG) program gives us excellent teaching and many chances for our career, and if you really study hard, you will get the specific knowledge in several areas, and in Independent Study, you can apply your knowledge there. After that, you will definitely become a master in this area.

AN Yiqi

AN Yiqi (Mainland China, 2022)

The curriculum of MSc (ELEG) program is attractive; it provides a wide range of choices and freedom on course selection. Students can get access to courses ranging from RF circuit design in hardware area to machine learning in software area which allow us to choose courses that suit us the best.  

Moreover, esteemed professors are highly accessible and willing to give valuable advice. Also, the first-class lab facilities open to MSc students for doing their independent study. 

Last but not least, I met like-minded friends through working on projects and we had a great time exploring Hong Kong together. MSc (ELEG) program provides me with infinite possibilities and the experience at HKUST has great influence on my life.

LIAN Yuran

LIAN Yuran (Mainland China, Class of 2021)

HKUST has always been giving a guarantee of high-quality teaching despite the hard time we are now going through. I experienced both online and face-to-face lectures and received great help from professors, teaching assistants and program officers. Faculty members are ready to share industry experience and introduce their research developments and related up-to-date topics which enable us to effectively understand theoretical ideas and learn about industrial implementation. The faculty members encourage students both online and face-to-face to ask questions and discuss possible solutions together, and also arrange office hours for those who have academic difficulties. Besides, they are willing to offer advice on students' studies, future research and career. All these help us not only grasp professional knowledge but also cultivate soft skills, such as critical thinking and interpersonal communication. I believe that the program provides good chances to learn from and interact with prestigious experts and talented students from around the world.

QI Haobo

PENG Longxiang (Mainland China, Class of 2021)

The study at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology MSc(ELEG) program allowed me to review my knowledge on microelectronics technology from another angle and to gain a deeper understanding. At the same time, the assignments and practice of courses and projects gave me more confidence in facing interview in related fields.

HONG Xiaosen (Mainland China, Class of 2021)

HKUST is just like heaven which has lots of extremely outstanding professors and students from all around the world, I am so thankful to have the chance to further my study in this warm family.  On top of that, the curriculum provided by MSc(ELEG) program covers a wide range of knowledge and skills, this flexible curriculum allows us to learn what we love and prepare for our future careers.  I have taken courses from different fields, like Modern Control, Pattern Recognition, Embedded System and Semiconductor. All the classes impressed me a lot, and the professors are kind and patient to give us students valuable suggestions. As MSc(ELEG) student, we have the opportunity to choose courses from MSc(ICDE) and MSc(TELECOM) programs, so that I got the chance to improve myself in the IC design filed which makes me more competitive when applying for jobs or further study.

GENG Ruoyu (Mainland China, Class of 2020)

What makes the MSc(ELEG) program truly appealing to me is the combination of both hardware and software-related curriculum, which is crucial for electronic engineering students to receive a broad based training. The ELEG program gives me a thorough knowledge of integrated circuit, image processing, digital communication and machine learning which is essential to my further study as a PhD student in robotics area. 
Moreover, the well-organized syllabus and well-established facilities at HKUST enable us to have a deep understanding of the course contents both theoretically and practically. These application-oriented courses allow us to apply theory to practice. Besides, getting in touch with the prestigious professors provides us chances to explore job and further study opportunities. Last but not least, being immersed in such an academic environment with easy access to advanced lab facilities and first-class teaching resources, we are free to conduct researches on what we are interested in.

SHI Xiaohan (Mainland China, Class of 2018)

What we have experienced in HKUST is beyond what it is offering. Not only can we achieve academic excellence with prestigious professors across different disciplines, but also we can build up great connections with the most talented students who are from all over the globe. HKUST does a great job in designing the curriculum that match the needs of the market and providing us enough training to prepare for career as well as further studies. I am lucky enough to join this program and this experience will be precious for my future career.

Seigfred Valderama PRADO (Philippines, Class of 2015)

HKUST is a diverse community of outstanding scholars from all over the world with different cultures and backgrounds and it is a great pleasure to have the opportunity to study in such a dynamic university. Moreover, it is an excellent training ground to create and share new ideas with the leading experts in their respective fields of specialization.

Aside from its stunningly beautiful campus and breath-taking views, what I love most about HKUST is that it gives the students a holistic approach towards learning. Studying in HKUST gives us an opportunity to develop not only our technical and analytical skills, but also our soft skills, including our interpersonal and leadership skills. The world-class professors are very keen to help and mentor their students in the best way they can. They are very accommodating and open to enquiries and consultation, and are often delightful to discuss new ideas that further arouses our curiosity and creativity.

PENG Longxiang (Mainland China, Class of 2012)

Through Master of Science program of Electronic Engineering at HKUST, I came in touch with a broad range of practical subjects like Embedded Systems, Pattern Recognition, Communication Networks and IC Design. The topics are carefully selected and the contents are most up-to-date. The course projects helped me enhance the knowledge and become familiarized with software and applications like Matlab, Cadence and Eclipse. Moreover, the opportunity to get advice from faculties who enjoy worldwide prestige is the most precious. I am glad and grateful to have the chance to join this program, which served as a solid preparation for my career as an engineer in relevant industry.