MSc in Engineering Enterprise Management - Student Sharing

XIA Tian (Mainland China)

Felipe Andres ECHEVERRIA LUCO (Chile)

The opportunity to travel and get to know new cultures has always motivated me to seek challenges throughout my life. When I was presented with the opportunity to study at HKUST, it was a decision I didn't make much of. The EEM program has given me the opportunity to develop my career path and learn from the best professors in one of the most prestigious universities of recent years. At the same time, the opportunity to study in Hong Kong has given me a unique vision and experience, which I doubt I would have achieved elsewhere.

During my study here, I have developed very strong bonds of friendship with classmates from all over the world, allowing me to enrich the learning experience by mixing different points of view to achieve a concrete solution to a given problem. The international experience that is undergone in the EEM program is undoubtedly what I like the most, as it enlightens me to new solutions that I didn't have in mind before. All these experiences will undoubtedly help me develop my career even more, with the tools provided by professors and the collective learning that is generated in each of the lessons.

LIU Xiao (Mainland China)

Firstly, what impressed me most is the atmosphere at HKUST. Students here are really hard-working and dedicated to their courses. Also, there are lots of activities and programs offered by HKUST and most of them are for free. I took most of the career development courses (e.g. writing CV and interview skills) held by the Career Center, there were many career fairs, recruitment talks and sharing conducted by many global leading finance and advisory companies. These are great opportunities for networking.

Secondly, the courses offered by the business school, namely accounting and marketing courses, were interesting and fun. For those of you who are considering to work in the finance industry and have acquired an engineering undergraduate degree like me, I believe this program is your best choice as it combines useful business, and engineering courses. Meanwhile, HKUST has strong reputation among companies worldwide this will help you stand out from other candidates, when you are searching for jobs.

Srishtie HARIPRIYA (India)

Studying at HKUST so far has been a very thrilling experience for me. Getting an opportunity to live in a culturally different place such as Hong Kong and pursuing my MSc in HKUST has definitely added versatility and value to my professional and personal outlook. The place is surrounded by aesthetic views that evoke a sense of peace and somehow pushes me to do better. The various state-of–the-art facilities provided in campus make the whole experience really one of a kind. Anyone interested in diverse culture and competing with brilliant minds should definitely consider HKUST as a potential choice for education.

In EEM program, I was exposed to subjects that helped me understand the business world. The program is the perfect amalgamation of subjects for recent graduates and engineers, who want to divulge into management and also make the best use of their technical knowledge. The subjects are well planned and efficiently carried out by the esteemed faculty who are always available for a discussion.

The activities in different courses have drilled down the basic concepts and is a fun way to get hands-on experience of what we have learnt. The team projects and various brainstorming sessions develop soft skills of team building, time management and negotiation. Overall, the holistic nature of this program has given me the confidence that I would be able to get started with my business and management career with a strong backbone.

Matthew Jonathan TURNER (United Kingdom)

The EEM program at HKUST has proven to be a great step for developing my career. I was looking to make the jump from engineering into management, but I lacked real knowledge of management topics. The EEM program has equipped me with a strong overview of such topics, and so far I have thoroughly enjoyed modules in marketing, accounting, economics and finance. I also love how diverse the classes are; I’ve already made friends from many different countries and cultures, and I enjoyed learning their different ways of working. I’d highly recommend the EEM program to any engineering graduate hoping to start a career in management.


Having gained 4+ years of work experience in the automotive industry, and with a background in mechanical engineering, I found the EEM program to have the perfect combination of technical and management courses, to enhance my skillset in the direction I wanted to further my career in. The intensive, 12-month program has been extremely rewarding in terms of a rich and relevant curriculum enhanced by excellent instructors, exposure to working with students from diverse cultural, academic and professional backgrounds, and on a personal front, new friendships that transcend international borders. The reputation of the University and the program also enables students to access curriculum related internships with renowned companies, which lends much needed industrial exposure, as well. Overall, a very balanced program that has certainly set me up well, to pursue a career in technical management!

TANG Xin (Mainland China)

The EEM program was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in years. The program allowed me to meet a lot of highly respected professors and intelligent colleagues, while the combination of engineering and business courses pushed us to think strategically on the management of resources, people and time. The program helped us to gain technical knowledge, as well as incentives to drive business and innovations. It was indeed an amazing journey.

Jan SEDDIG (Germany)

At EEM, the greatest emphasis was on pragmatic application of a combination of business and engineering insights in groups of multi-cultural and multi-expertise individuals. My classmates were from more than 10 nations and I really enjoyed experiencing their different approaches to problems and the excellent results, which we were able to achieve together. The EEM program provided an excellent foundation for starting my international career."

WANG Tao (Mainland China)

Studying in EEM was quite different from the learning experience of my undergraduate degree, when my major was all about science and engineering. My classmates in HKUST came from a variety of majors and provided me with many new ways of thinking. What is most important, I found the career type I really liked and finally got a job in an investment bank with what I learned in EEM. When you come here, you will get to know that there is no need to set limitations for yourself and then equip yourself with the confidence and skills to pursue your academic and career goal.

Fabian HAINZL (Austria)

Designed for all those without an academic background in business and especially suitable for engineers, who want to take their career to the next level, the EEM program is hard to beat as an exhaustive introduction to the non-technical side of the corporate world. The classroom atmosphere is enriched by the diversity of the student cohort - both in terms of work experience as well as disciplines - and ignited by the hands-on business experience of the professors. The general structure of the coursework gives students the liberty to put a strong focus on their career development, where they enjoy excellent support by the university. International students from continental Europe like myself might actually be surprised by the strong interest the university shows in everyone’s individual career success. The countless offerings of recruitment events, career fares and workshops, make this program the ideal stepping stone to a successful career in Asia!

PO Chun-Kuen Allen (Hong Kong)

The world today is full of challenges and we need to ensure that we are well equipped in all aspects. Studying at HKUST and attending our program could equip you with adapting to the rapidly changing environment. The program is well tailored with the combination of different management and business courses which provide us with different insights and enable us to develop better strategic management skills. All in all, it is a really nice journey for me to meet so many intelligent people from different parts of the world and study in such a beautiful campus. Let’s come and explore; drive changes and make a difference in life!

PENG Xiang (Mainland China)

Studying at HKUST is a wonderful experience. The geographical and academic environment is great. As a student with pure science background and not much working experience, the EEM program serves as a bridge guiding me towards the business area from an engineering perspective. 

Through attending the well-designed courses, I am exposed to various new fields which are very important in the complicated business society nowadays. The 1-year study experience is a worthwhile experience.”

YAO Shuo (Mainland China)

Having a legal and social science background from my bachelor’s degree, I planned to learn something new in my master’s study. During this year, the EEM program has widened my horizons so much and trained me to view the intellectual property issues from different perspectives, i.e. combining engineering and technical law. I have received a lot of useful advice from my HKUST professors, which gave me confidence to overcome the academic difficulties. Moreover, I was grateful that the program helped to change my career focus from an attorney to a qualified engineer with legal insight. As a result, I was so fortunate to be hired as the only intellectual property attorney by OPPO this year. Without the engineering knowledge and confidence I gained in this year, my dream would not have come true.

DING Chaoer (Mainland China)

When I first arrived at HKUST one year ago, I was immediately in love with the beautiful campus near the sea. Being an engineering student, I did not have much chance to take business courses before. During these 12 months in EEM, I started to know more about finance, accounting, management and marketing, and I found my strong interest in these areas. With the opportunity provided by EEM, I have done an internship in an investment-banking department and I was involved in real business deals! Such an amazing and important experience would definitely be helpful to my future career. EEM is an excellent program and it provides students with diverse possibilities more than any other program. All in all, the courses, the chances offered by EEM and the classmates here are perfect, and I'll never forget my beautiful EEM journey.