Course Schedule

MSc/PGD in Civil Infrastructural Engineering and Management – Course Schedule

MSc students are required to take a minimum of 30 credits of courses, including 6 credits of MSc Project, while PGD students are required to complete 15 credits. Students are given an option to complete a concentration in a selected sub-area.

Tentative course offering schedule

2023-24 Fall Term

  • CIEM 5140    Construction Project Delivery 
  • CIEM 5170    Building Information Modeling and Smart Construction
  • CIEM 5311    Building Aerodynamics and Wind-Resistant Design of High-Rise Structures
  • CIEM 5380    Bridge Engineering
  • CIEM 5390    Coastal Structures Design
  • CIEM 5410    Risk Assessment and Contaminated Land Cleanup
  • CIEM 5460    Design and Management of Physico/ Chemical Processes of  Environmental Engineering
  • CIEM 5480    Wastewater Treatment and Reuse
  • CIEM 5630    Traffic Control Fundamentals and Practice
  • CIEM 5720    Advanced Foundation Design 
  • CIEM 5740    Computer Methods for Slope Engineering
  • CIEM 5770    Unsaturated Soil Mechanics and Engineering

2023-24 Spring Term

  • CIEM 5160    Construction Financial Management
  • CIEM 5240    Advanced Concrete Technology
  • CIEM 5320    Computer Aided Design Optimization of Tall Buildings
  • CIEM 5420    Biological Waste Treatment and Management
  • CIEM 5620    Travel Demand Analysis
  • CIEM 5760    Engineering Geology and Rock Mechanics 
  • CIEM 5790    Slope Engineering and Management
  • CIEM 5810    Engineering Risk, Reliability and Decision
  • CIEM 6000T Seismic Analysis and Design of Structures
  • CIEM 6000R Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): Law and Practice
  • CIEM 6000U Climate, Weather, and Water

All courses are offered subject to needs and availability. For the latest list of courses to be offered, visit Class Schedule & Quota.

For course details, please refer to Course Catalog.

(Updated on 7 October 2022)