Student Sharing

MSc in Big Data Technology - Student Sharing

Seoyoung PARK (Korea)

I love the program as I can live in a multicultural environment here and work with world-class professors and my brilliant classmates who have their own talents and visions. Before I came here, I was a little worried as I do not know any Chinese. But, it is not an issue here – people speak English. I have conversations with my classmates from different countries including France, Spain, Kazakhstan, India, USA, mainland China and Hong Kong. I am also becoming more flexible and making less ignorant judgments.

Meanwhile, I believe that the program would be the best way to build solid knowledge in machine learning and data science technology within a short period, no matter if you will then go for a career in research or industry after graduation. The courses are well designed which cover various trendy technology issues. It made me understand what I really want to do in AI and big data era, as well as my career path.

What’s more, there are many free activities for us to join, such as AI-training, hackathon, and social activities organized by the classmates. The university life is not only lessons and assignments here, but also the activities which offer you an opportunity to meet smart people who may inspire you a lot.

Daniil CHEPENKO (Russia)

It was a very intense year. The program covers topics on quantitative statistics, distributive systems and business. I had an opportunity to design my own study path by selecting the courses I’d like to study. I was mainly focused on topics in artificial intelligence and financial quantitative analysis.  Although the program is young it is very student-oriented and designed to consider student’s feedback. The collaboration with industrial partners helps to teach state-of-art techniques. Also you can work on your course project with some of the big IT and research companies.

I strongly recommend Big Data Technology to anyone who is interested in computer science and artificial intelligence in general. The knowledge and experience is relevant for industrial needs, and can become a starting point for a research career as well.

GAO Xun (Mainland China)

My study experience in MSc (BDT) program is pretty good. The course arrangement is comprehensive, the professors are knowledgeable and the studying topics related to computer science are exciting. During my stay at HKUST, I learnt about how to extract and process raw data, build practical models and derive solutions for real-life problems. The various elective courses and topics provided by this program gave us chances to study and develop our own specialties according to our individual interest, abilities and career goals. Besides theoretical knowledge, the department emphasizes on practical skills and students can learn to apply knowledge learnt from class. Having been working on all the projects, I obtained hands-on experience on real-world data science problems and learnt to communicate my ideas as a data scientist. I am grateful that I have been in this program.

GU Jiani (Mainland China)

The Big Data Technology program at HKUST provided an insight into the field of big data. The teaching and supervision here is top-notch and the courses in this program are well designed, covering not only professional knowledge, but also frontier research in mathematics, artificial intelligence, finance and computer science.

Although courses here are difficult, the progress I’ve made during the program is huge and I am well prepared to begin a career as a data scientist.  Moreover, I also received meticulous instruction from the supervisor on my independent project, which gave me hands-on experience to develop relevant job skills.

LAU Tsz-Kit (Hong Kong)

My overall experience of the MSc (BDT) program at HKUST has been excellent from the very beginning. While this is the first cohort of the program, the courses offered by the world-class professors are well designed, which address both the theoretical and practical perspectives of topics related to big data technologies.

The courses have broadened my horizons and aroused my interest in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning, so I am now very interested in pursuing further studies and research in these areas.

In this era of big data and AI, this program is definitely one of the best of its kind.