Theme of Competition

Theme of Competition

"What is Engineering?" 

One man’s magic is another man’s engineering. Engineers are the carpenters of science, mediators between researchers and working mechanics, poets that mastered the art of code, and so much more. Their creations continue to shape the world we live in and have addressed some of the most pressing challenges in society. Without them, our future would be nowhere near as bright.

Through your submission, we salute the achievements of the finest engineers around us and recognize their sophisticated works of invention. Turn your focus – and your camera or phone – on all that engineering has brought to this world and discover the hidden gems of engineering in your everyday life. The question of "What is Engineering?" might seem broad, but there is no answer too vague or too shallow, it’s all about discovery, perspective, and way of expression. Pay close attention to the world around you, as the greatest inventions often lie in the most unlikely places.

Unleash your creativity, get your camera rolling!