ISDN_Course Syllabus_Fall 2023-24

ISDN Course Syllabus (Fall 2023-24)

Course Code Course Title Instructor(s) Course Syllabus
ISDN1001 Introduction to Integrative Systems and Design LEUNG, Jac Ka Lok
TSUI, Chi Ying
ISDN1002 Redefining Problems for the Real Needs  BRAUD, Tristan Camille Pdf
ISDN1004 Sketching LAU, Brian Hui Wang Pdf
ISDN1010 Academic and Professional Development I - Pdf
ISDN2000 What is Design and Why Design? XIANG, Changying Pdf
ISDN2001 Second Year Design Project I  LEUNG, Suk Wai Winnie Pdf
ISDN2010 Academic and Professional Development II - Pdf
ISDN2300 Introduction to 3D Design  YEUNG, Sai Kit Pdf
ISDN2601                  Exploring the World through Smart Mechatronics LEUNG, Suk Wai Winnie,
SONG, Shenghui
ISDN2603 Materials, Shape and Design LI, Mitch Pdf
ISDN3001 Third Year Design Project I JONEJA, Ajay Pdf
ISDN3010 Academic and Professional Development III - Pdf
ISDN3200 Graphic Communication LAU, Brian Hui Wang Pdf
Introduction to Soft Robotics
ISDN4001 Final Year Design Project I LEUNG, Jac Ka Lok
TSUI, Chi Ying
ISDN4010 Academic and Professional Development IV - Pdf