IEDA_Course Syllabus_Fall 2023-24

IEDA Course Syllabus (Fall 2023-24)

Course Code Course Title Instructor(s) Course Syllabus
IEDA1010 Academic and Professional Development I ZHANG, Jiheng Pdf
IEDA1020 Academic and Professional Development II ZHANG, Jiheng Pdf
 Introduction of Industrial Engineering and Decision Analytics
QIU, Xuan Pdf
IEDA2410 Logistics and Freight Transportation Operations QI, Xiangtong Pdf
IEDA2520 Probability for Engineers CHEN, Yi Pdf
IEDA3010 Prescriptive Analytics  QI, Jin Pdf
IEDA3130 Ergonomics and Safety Management CHIN, Jing Wei Pdf
IEDA3230 Engineering Economics and Accounting QI, Jin Pdf
IEDA3250 Stochastic Models ZHANG, Rachel Q. Pdf
IEDA3300 Industrial Data Systems CHEN, Yi Pdf
IEDA3302 E-Commerce Technology and Applications JONEJA, Ajay Pdf
IEDA3330 Introduction to Financial Engineering JIANG, Wei Pdf
IEDA3410 Routing and Fleet Management QI, Xiangtong Pdf
IEDA4180 Service Engineering and Management WANG, Xin Pdf
IEDA4410 Data Driven Supply Chain Management QIU, Xuan Pdf
IEDA4420 Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Optimization  LIU, Qian Pdf
IEDA4510 Systems Risk Management WU, Chenguang Pdf
IEDA4520 Numerical Methods for Financial Engineering ZHANG, Xiaowei Pdf
IEDA4901 Final Year Thesis Pdf
IEDA4920 Decision Analytics Final Year Project  Pdf
IEDA4960 Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management Final Year Project Pdf