CIVL_Course Syllabus_Spring 22-23

CIVL Course Syllabus (Spring 2022-23)

Course Code Course Title Instructor(s) Course Syllabus
CIVL1010 Academic and Professional Development I TBA Pdf
CIVL1100 Discovering Civil and Environmental Engineering

LAM, Kit Ming
LEUNG, Anthony
LO, Irene Man Chi

CIVL1160 Civil Engineering and Modern Society HU, Wei Chung Pdf
CIVL2010 Academic and Professional Development II TBA Pdf
CIVL2020 Industrial and BIM Training

CHENG, Jack Chin Pang
HU, Wei Chung

CIVL2110 Statics QIU, Jishen Pdf
CIVL2120 Mechanics of Materials TSE, Kam Tim Pdf
           CIVL2120            (Summer 22-23) Mechanics of Materials HU, Wei Chung Pdf
CIVL2170 Infrastructure Systems Engineering and Management YANG, Hai
ZHANG, Xueqing
CIVL2410 Environmental Assessment and Management SHANG, Chii Pdf
CIVL2510 Fluid Mechanics YANG, Jiachuan Pdf
CIVL2910 Fundamental of Green Buildings WANG, Zhe
YANG, Jiachuan
CIVL3010 Academic and Professional Development III TBA Pdf
CIVL3210 Introduction to Construction Management CHENG, Jack Chin Pang Pdf
CIVL3320 Reinforced Concrete Design DIMITRAKOPOULOS, Ilias Pdf
CIVL3420 Water and Wastewater Engineering CHEN, Guanghao Pdf
CIVL3610 Traffic and Transportation Engineering LI, Sen Pdf
CIVL3740 Geotechnical Analysis and Design SO, Pui San Pdf
CIVL3910 Smart Infrastructure Sensing and Data Analytics ZHANG, Jize
ZHANG, Shenghan
CIVL4100P Wave Loads on Structures GHIDAOUI, Mohamed Salah  Pdf
CIVL4100R Practical Machine Learning for Smart Infrastructure Systems WANG, Zhe
CIVL4100S Geographical Information System and Urban Data Science ZHANG, Fan Pdf
CIVL4100T Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Remote Sensing SU, Hui Pdf
CIVL4270 Construction Law and Contract Administration MCINNIS, Joel Arthur Pdf
CIVL4320 Structural Steel Design CHAN, Chun Man
PAN, Yuxin
CIVL4340 Prestressed Concrete Design LEE, Ka Wai Pdf
CIVL4370 Computer Methods of Structural Analysis ZHANG, Shenghan Pdf
CIVL4430 Environmental Impact Assessment ZHANG, Xiangru Pdf
CIVL4450 Carbon Footprint Analysis and Reduction ZHOU, Shelley Pdf
CIVL4480 Climate Modeling and Risk Assessment IM, Eun Soon Pdf
CIVL4630 Public Transport Planning and Operation JIAN, Sisi  Pdf
CIVL4710 Soil Slope Engineering ZHAO, Jidong Pdf
CIVL4760 Introduction to Rock Mechanics WANG, Gang Pdf
CIVL4910 Civil and Environmental Engineering Final Year Project TBA Pdf