CENG Course Syllabus Fall 2023-24

CENG Course Syllabus (Fall 2023-24)

Course Code Course Title Instructor(s) Course Syllabus
CENG1000 Introduction to Chemical and Biological Engineering CHAU, Ying Pdf
CENG1010 Academic and Professional Development I


LAM, Henry Hei Ning
LIU, Y.S. Marshal

CENG1600 Biotechnology and Its Business Opportunities LAI, Yong Pdf
CENG1700 Introduction to Environmental Engineering LAM, Leung Yuk Frank Pdf
CENG2110 Process and Product Design Principles LIU, Y.S. Marshal Pdf
CENG2310 Modeling for Chemical and Biological Engineering  LAM, Henry Hei Ning Pdf
CENG3210 Separation Processes LUO, Tom Zhengtang Pdf
CENG3220 Transport Phenomena II KIM, Yoonseob Pdf
CENG3230 Chemical and Biological Reaction Engineering YEUNG, King Lun Pdf
CENG3300 Data Science for Molecular Engineering GAO, Hanyu Pdf
CENG4020  Academic and Professional Development II

LAM, Henry Hei Ning

LIU, Y.S. Marshal

CENG4640 Biomolecular Engineering SUN, Fe Pdf
CENG4670 Pharmaceutical Engineering LAKERVELD, Richard Pdf
CENG4710 Environmental Control HU, Xijun Pdf
CENG4920 Chemical Engineering Capstone Design LAM, Leung Yuk Frank Pdf
CENG4930 Chemical Engineering Thesis Research LAKERVELD, Richard Pdf
CENG4940 Chemical Engineering Industrial Project LIU, Y.S. Marshal Pdf
CENG4980W Investigation Project TBA Pdf