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MSc in Telecommunications – Course Schedule

Students are required to complete a total of 30 credits of courses, including 6 credits of MSc Project.  Students may take EESM 5900 for a maximum of 6 credits.  Subject to prior approval of the Program Director, students may take a maximum of 9 credits of courses offered by other MSc programs.

Tentative course offering schedule

2023-24 Fall Term

  • EESM 5515    IP Networks
  • EESM 5536    Digital Communications
  • EESM 5539    Wireless Communication Networks
  • EESM 5900O Special Topics: Mobile Edge Computing and Edge AI
  • EESM 6980G    MSc Project
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Course Description of EESM5900O Special Topics: Mobile Edge Computing and Edge AI

This course provides a comprehensive introduction of Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), a key enabler of 5G networks. The covered topics include: communication and computation basics for MEC, computation offloading, communication and computation resource management, edge caching, MEC application scenarios (e.g., Internet of Things, AR/VR), MEC hardware platforms and standardization. Edge AI is treated as a key application case, which is to support AI applications on resource-constrained devices with the help of MEC servers.

2023-24 Spring Term 

  • EESM 5540    Introduction to Telecommunication Networks
  • EESM 5546    Wireless Communication Systems
  • EESM 5547    Multimedia Signal Processing
  • EESM 5820    Current and Emerging Technologies in Telecommunications
  • EESM 6980H    MSc Project

All courses are offered subject to needs and availability. For the latest list of courses to be offered, visit Class Schedule & Quota.

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(Updated on 30 August 2022)