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MSc in Integrated Circuits – Course Schedule

Students are required to complete a total of 25 credits of courses, including 4 credits of Guided Chip Design Project.  Subject to prior approval of the Program Director, students may take a maximum of 9 credits of courses offered by other MSc programs.  Students may take EESM 5900 for a maximum of 6 credits.    

Tentative course offering schedule

2024-25 Fall Term

  • (Core) EESM 5000    CMOS VLSI Design
  • (Core) EESM 5060    Embedded Systems
  • (Core) EESM 5100    Analog IC Analysis and Design
  • (Core) EESM 5200    Semiconductor Devices for Integrated Circuit Designs  


2024-25 Winter Term

  • (Core) EESM 6970  Guided Chip Design Project
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Course Description of EESM 6970 Guided Chip Design Project

The class is designed to provide students with an experience of the complete IC design process in the industry from product definition to production and measurement.  Taking a product in the market as an example, students are going to re-design the chip all the way from system definition, protocol design, selecting technology, installing technology file, digital building block design, analog building block design, digital analogy integration, ESD protection, post-design simulation, and tape out process.  After that, the students will perform on-wafer testing, failure analysis, package selection, PCB design, test vector generation, reliability screening, ESD testing and data-sheet writing.  Students completing this class are expected to have the equivalent experience of completing a full IC design cycle in the industry.

2024-25 Spring Term 

  • (Core) EESM 5020    Digital VLSI System Design and Design Automation
  • (Core) EESM 5120    Advanced Analog IC Analysis and Design 
  • (Core) EESM 6970    Guided Chip Design Project (cont.)
  • (Elective) EESM 5310    Power Management Circuits and Systems
  • (Elective) EESM 5320    CMOS RF Integrated System and Circuits Design

All courses are offered subject to needs and availability. For the latest list of courses to be offered, visit Class Schedule & Quota.

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