Course Schedule

Course Schedule

Tentative course offering schedule

2023-24 Fall Term

  • MFIT5002  Blockchain
  • MFIT 5003 Data Analysis
  • MFIT 5005 Foundations of FinTech
  • FINA 5120 Corporate Finance
  • FINA 5210 Investment Analysis
  • MFIT 5008 Decision Analytics for FinTech*
  • MFIT 5011 Statistical Methods in Finance*
  • MFIT 6000B Derivatives instruments and structured products*
  • ECON 5040 Economics of Financial Technology*
  • MFIT 5006 Mathematical Foundation of FinTech#

2023-24 Spring Term

  • MFIT 5001 AI for FinTech
  • MFIT 5004 Financial Data Mining
  • ISOM 2220 FinTech Regulation and Compliance
  • MFIT 5009 Optimization in FinTech*
  • MFIT 5010 Statistical Machine Learning*
  • FINA 5270 Portfolio Management with FinTech Applications*
  • MGMT 5870 Entrepreneurship and Innovation in FinTech*
  • MFIT6000A Capstone FinTech Cases and Analysis*

Normative period of study

  • Full-time: one year
  • Part-time: two years

* The electives offered in a particular year will be announced at the beginning of each academic year. Students have to take at least one elective course from each of School of Business and Management, Engineering and Science. The offering of elective courses is subject to availability.

# Subject to the decision of the Program Director, promising students who do not have a strong mathematics background may be required to take the required course - Mathematical Foundation of FinTech (2 credits) on top of the graduation requirement of 30 credits.