Course Schedule

MSc/PGD in Environmental Engineering and Management – Course Schedule

MSc students are required to take a minimum of 30 credits of courses, including 18 credits of foundation courses, and at least 3 management related courses, while PGD students are required to complete a minimum of 15 credits, with at least 9 credits of foundation courses and at least 2 management related courses. The Independent Project is optional.

JEVE classes are scheduled on weekday evening from 7:15pm to 10:05pm and Saturday afternoon from 3pm to 5:50pm.

Tentative course offering schedule

2023-24 Fall Term

  • JEVE 5260     Air Pollution Meteorology*
  • JEVE 5410     Risk Assessment and Contaminated Land Cleanup#
  • JEVE 5460     Design and Management of Physico/Chemical Processes of Environmental Engineering#
  • JEVE 5470     Industrial Wastewater Treatment*
  • JEVE 5480     Wastewater Treatment and Reuse*
  • JEVE 5900     Carbon Management for Sustainable Environment#

2023-24 Spring Term

  • JEVE 5320    Water Quality and Assessment*
  • JEVE 5420    Biological Waste Treatment and Management#
  • JEVE 5430    Solid Waste Landfill Engineering Design*
  • JEVE 5440    Hazardous Waste Management#
  • JEVE 5530    Environmental Management and Regulatory Compliance#
  • JEVE 5820    Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development#

* Foundation course
# Foundation & management course

All courses are offered subject to needs and availability. For the latest list of courses to be offered, visit Class Schedule & Quota.

For course details, please refer to Course Catalog.

(Updated on 7 October 2022)