Course Schedule

MSc in Aeronautical Engineering – Course Schedule

Students are required to complete a total of 30 credits of coursework, including at least 12 credits of foundation courses and 6 credits of elective courses.

Tentative course offering schedule:

2022-23 Fall Term

  • AESF 5210    Fluid Dynamics*
  • AESF 5310    Advanced Aerodynamics*
  • AESF 5320    Advanced Aircraft Structures*
  • AESF 5370    Composites and Nanocomposites
  • AESF 5630    Avionics Technology 
  • AESF 5710    Hong Kong Airworthiness 
  • AESF 5930    Finite Element Methods 

2021-22 Spring Term

  • AESF 5050     Fracture Behavior of Polymers
  • AESF 5350    Aircraft Propulsion*
  • AESF 5380    Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • AESF 5630     Avionics Technology
  • AESF 6910J   Airport Risk and Business Continuity Management
  • AESF 6910K  Airline Marketing
  • AESF 6910N  Strategic Sourcing and Contract Administration in Aircraft Maintenance
  • AESF 6910Q  Aerospace Materials and Applications
  • AESF 6910R  Aircraft Certification - A Practical Approach
  • AESF 6910S  Managing Helicopter Operations and Maintenance
  • AESF 6910T  Commercial Airline Operations Considerations

* Foundation course

All courses are offered subject to needs and availability. For the latest list of courses to be offered, visit Class Schedule & Quota.

For course details, please refer to Course Catalog.

(Updated on 11 January 2022)