Energy Technology Concentration - Curriculum

In addition to fulfilling the MPhil / PhD program requirements, students who opt for the Energy Technology Concentration are required to:

  1. take one Energy course from the list of ENEG Courses
  2. complete the ENEG 6010 Advanced Topics in Energy Technology for one semester
    (this course is offered once every two years; it is offered in Fall 2022-23)
  3. conduct research in energy area

Energy Courses

Course Code / Co-listing Code

Course Title

ENEG 5200 / ELEC 5110 Nanoelectronic Materials for Energy Technologies
ENEG 5250 / ELEC 5120 Semiconductor Power and Energy Conversion Technologies
ENEG 5400 / MECH 5280 Transport Phenomena and Its Application in Energy Systems
ENEG 5500 / CENG 5930 Electrochemical Energy Technologies