Darren Po Yin

Darren Po Yin TSANG
Engineering Student Ambassador, 2022-23
Class of 2025,
BEng in Computer Engineering and Extended Major in Artificial Intelligence
Computer Engineering Program
Hong Kong
New Territories Heung Yee Kuk Yuen Long District Secondary School

Before entering HKUST School of Engineering, I was fascinated by how chemicals react, how cells function and how the Moon revolves. Every time I immersed myself in new knowledge, I wondered how I might use it in my everyday life. It wasn't until I participated in a hackathon that our product—a smartwatch—began to benefit elders. I realized that engineering serves as a link between fundamental knowledge and societal need.

Studying engineering at HKUST has equipped me with not only the necessary knowledge but also many connections and opportunities. The learning environment here has transformed me into a self-motivated person who is willing to search for information beyond lecture notes and come up with innovative ideas. With different like-minded people I met on campus, we participated in different competitions and initiatives, gaining experiences in solving real-world problems. Computer engineering provides me with a unique pathway in studying both the software and the hardware sides. I hope its wide applications could be contributed to the future of digital and data-driven cities.

Engineering is the backbone of the 21st century. It is the one that enables business growth and improves living standards. As a HKUST Engineering student, I wish to transform my imaginations into innovations. I hope my journey can inspire each of you, so feel free to reach out to us Engineering Student Ambassadors!