Howard Yau Ming

Howard Yau Ming CHEUNG
Engineering Student Ambassador, 2022-23
Class of 2023,
BEng in Civil and Environmental Engineering
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Hong Kong
Methodist College

Throughout my engineering studies at HKUST, I have realized how much I enjoy the philosophy and purpose of the engineering discipline.

Studying some Environmental Engineering and Management courses at HKUST, I have gained an understanding of wastewater engineering and also some fundamental knowledge in solid waste management like MSW and MRFs, which can be directly applied to solve proactively environmental problems including water pollution, air pollution, and depletion of our natural resources.

I also enjoy working with people from different backgrounds. By playing different roles in the university, such as an Engineering Student Ambassador, I always come across diverse groups of people in the university on a day-to-day basis, whether it is to provide academic advice for new students or even to organize orientation activities with university staff. I am able to share my passion for engineering and student life with people from various backgrounds to help them find their sense of belonging at  HKUST, especially in engineering.

I have always been passionate about environmental projects outside my university courses. As a part of the Sustainable Smart Campus with Prof. King Lun YEUNG, we developed and applied principles from civil engineering and project management skills to devise engineering solutions for masks-sterilization and repurposing disposal. We successfully repurposed disposed materials into campus facilities, like benches, with our main focus on bio-resin and shredded masks. In one of our research, we investigated the strength and properties of the repurposed materials. Through joining this team, I have not only gained essential knowledge regarding research development, project management, and team coordination, but it has also reaffirmed my strong passion for becoming a professional engineer in the environmental discipline in the future.