Tina Tianshu

Tina Tianshu TAN
Engineering Student Ambassador, 2022-23
Class of 2025,
BEng in Computer Engineering
Computer Engineering Program
Fo Shan, China
Shimen Middle School

As a kid, I dreaded that upon my death, my lifetime wisdom would be permanently gone from the world I love. I sought solutions for the eternal preservation of minds, eventually settling on developing Brain-Computer Interfaces, a lifetime goal for me to pursue. Information in a single human brain is vaster than any existing library, and I wish to render its unlimited storage in computers for the well-being of humanity.

At HKUST, I took my toddler’s steps toward my big goal.

The platform of HKUST has enabled me to unleash my full potential. Besides the broad curriculum choices, HKUST offers countless extracurricular opportunities for our training and personal development. After finishing my first year of study, I joined the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program to start my first studies in Brain-Computer interfaces to learn the basic workflow of engineering research. I’m also initiating a program in the MarkerSpace under the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering to establish my maker club for further pursuing my ambition.

Besides personal development, I’ve also met a group of trustworthy friends. We enjoy weekend outdoor activities, have exciting chats about stories and ideas, and explore every corner of Hong Kong. At a platform like HKUST, you always have opportunities to interact with fabulous people.

Overall, HKUST provides me with everything I need to pursue my interests.