Maria Alejandra

Engineering Student Ambassador, 2022-23
Class of 2025,
BEng in Aerospace Engineering
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Panama City, Panama
United World College of the Atlantic

Having never been to Asia before and moving here specifically to study at HKUST is one of the biggest and most exciting challenges I’ve ever had. One that I sure hope was worth it.

I wanted somewhere where I could be surrounded by capable people who challenged me to surpass my own expectations. At HKUST, I’ve learned not only the theoretical aspects of engineering, but the experimental too. And I can say that throughout my two years, I’ve found HKUST to be a hub full of opportunities waiting to be taken advantage of.

Studying engineering at HKUST may be considered challenging. Yet it can be managed with the support given not only by the university, but by fellow peers too. I am a firm believer who works better in groups in a collaborative and safe environment. And the environment that HKUST provides has allowed me to learn from unique and interesting people and grow professionally and personally.

Engineering is a fast-paced discipline constantly expanding its horizons through new fields of study. An advantage of the School of Engineering is its countless internship and research opportunities, student societies, job fairs, workshops, innovation hubs and competitions held in and outside of Hong Kong.  All of these make SENG keep up with the fast nature of the discipline, and provide a valuable platform for students to create, think, learn and innovate. And I will forever be grateful for this platform and the opportunities that come along, that I could never get back in Panama. And even though I haven’t finished my studies, I am confident to say that yes, it is worth it.