Sabrina Tsz Tung

Sabrina Tsz Tung CHAN
Engineering Student Ambassador, 2022-23
Class of 2025,
BEng in Civil Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering
Hong Kong
The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

When I was a high school student, I chose science subjects as my electives as I would like to discover the mechanism of how things work around me. However, learning theories in textbooks could not satisfy my curiosity. I wanted to be the one who makes things work. Therefore, I planned to study engineering for my bachelor degree.

At the time I was considering studying engineering at HKUST, I found that there were many engineering student teams and societies which provided hands-on experience for students to apply their skills in practice.There were also many workshops for students to gain more useful information for planning their career path. I was attracted by the wide variety of activities and comprehensive support provided by the School of Engineering.

Studying engineering at HKUST never disappoints me. Apart from its high ranking and outstanding achievement in engineering, it provides a lot of opportunities to unleash students’ potential in engineering. More than that, studying with peers with diverse backgrounds makes me motivated to learn. 

After receiving an offer from HKUST, I joined the activities organized by the student societies. I met many new friends and seniors, we studied together, helped each other to solve academic problems and joined different activities together. I feel pleased that I have met nice people at HKUST, this makes me more confident and enthusiastic about joining different activities at HKUST. Apart from meeting nice people, engaging in various activities gave me valuable experience in learning practical skills which further piqued my interest in studying engineering.

For me, being ambitious, proactive and enthusiastic are indispensable in studying at HKUST. Be the outcomes are good or not, I will seize the opportunities of trying new things and value the process of trying my best.